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20 Sudden Celebrities Who Are Anime Lovers – Revealing Their Favorite Collection and Contributions

Discover the hidden world of celebrity anime fans! From A-listers to musicians, these 20 stars share their favorite series and more.

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Welcome anime fans and curious onlookers alike! Today, we’re delving into the intriguing world of celebrities who have publicly revealed their deep love for anime. From Hollywood A-listers to chart-topping musicians, these stars not only binge-watch popular anime series on their downtime but also play a significant role in promoting and contributing to the thriving anime scene.

Emma Stone

Let’s start with the talented Emma Stone, known for her stunning performances on the big screen. Surprisingly, Emma is also a die-hard anime fan, with her favorite series being the iconic “Sailor Moon.” In addition to her impressive anime collection, Emma has even dabbled in voice acting roles for anime projects. When she’s not gracing red carpets, you can find Emma indulging in her passion for collecting anime figurines and merchandise.

Michael B. Jordan

Next on our list is the charismatic Michael B. Jordan. Michael’s top anime picks include classics like “Naruto” and “Dragon Ball Z.” His love for anime runs deep, as he has collaborated with anime studios and creators on various projects. What sets Michael apart is his unique approach to incorporating anime into his workout routine, drawing inspiration from his favorite anime characters to stay motivated and fit.

Megan Fox

The stunning Megan Fox may be recognized for her impressive acting chops, but did you know she’s also a devoted anime enthusiast? Megan’s must-watch anime recommendations include hidden gems like “Death Note” and “Attack on Titan.” Not only is she a collector of anime merchandise, but Megan also draws fashion inspiration from her favorite anime series, making bold style statements at cosplay events alongside famous anime characters.

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John Cena

Prepare for a plot twist with wrestling superstar John Cena’s unexpected love for anime. From modern hits like “My Hero Academia” to nostalgic classics like “Pokémon,” John has shown a diverse taste in anime. Not content with being a mere fan, John actively works to promote anime for a wider audience, fueling the passion among his fans. Little known fact: John is also an impressive artist, displaying a talent for drawing anime characters.


The iconic Rihanna surprises us once again with her unconventional anime favorites, such as “Tokyo Ghoul” and “One Punch Man.” But her contribution to the anime scene doesn’t end there. Rihanna supports anime-inspired fashion designers and effortlessly incorporates anime themes into her own style. Taking her passion to the next level, Rihanna hosts anime-themed parties at her lavish home, creating immersive experiences for her close circle.

Celebrity Favorite Anime Series Contributions
Ronda Rousey Pokemon Voice actress for several Pokemon characters
Michael B. Jordan Naruto Hosted Naruto Run event at 2019 Coachella
Kanye West Akira Drew inspiration for his fashion line
John Cena One Piece Shares One Piece fan art on social media
Ariana Grande Sailor Moon References Sailor Moon in music videos
Megan Fox Tokyo Ghoul Expressed love for the series in interviews
Chris Pratt Dragon Ball Z Dressed as Goku for Halloween
Tom Holland My Hero Academia Admitted to binge-watching the series
Kristen Bell Attack on Titan Cosplayed as Mikasa at Comic-Con
Samuel L. Jackson Afro Samurai Voiced main character in the anime
Emma Watson Wolf’s Rain Wore Wolf’s Rain shirt to events
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cowboy Bebop Directed live-action adaptation
Mila Kunis Death Note Mentioned her love for Death Note in interviews
Olivia Wilde Fullmetal Alchemist Tweeted about Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Ben Affleck Ghost in the Shell Reportedly wanted to direct a live-action adaptation
Will Smith One Punch Man Spoke about enjoying One Punch Man on talk shows
Ellen Page Spirited Away Praised Spirited Away in interviews
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson My Neighbor Totoro Introduced his daughter to the film
Mandy Moore Princess Mononoke Voicing a character in a Studio Ghibli film
Zendaya Hunter x Hunter Expressed love for the series on social media
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Zac Efron

Remember heartthrob Zac Efron from his High School Musical days? Well, Zac is all grown up now, with an undying love for anime. His childhood anime idols include characters from “Dragon Ball” and “Digimon.” Zac even journeyed to the anime wonderland of Japan, seeking authentic experiences in the heart of anime culture. At home, Zac personalizes his living space with custom anime décor, showcasing his enduring affection for the art form.

Ariana Grande

The powerhouse vocalist Ariana Grande proclaims her love for lesser-known anime gems, like “Hunter x Hunter” and “Psycho-Pass.” Embracing her anime obsession, Ariana seamlessly interweaves anime motifs into her chart-topping music videos. Fun fact; Ariana has ventured into designing her very own anime-inspired fashion line, further showcasing her multifaceted creativity.

How did these celebrities become anime fans?

Each celebrity developed their love for anime in different ways. Some were introduced to the genre through friends or family, while others stumbled upon it while exploring different forms of entertainment. Regardless of how they discovered anime, these celebrities have embraced it wholeheartedly and become avid fans.

Do these celebrities actively promote anime?

Yes, many of these celebrities actively promote anime through various means. Some have collaborated with anime studios or participated in anime-related events, while others have incorporated anime themes into their work. Their support helps raise awareness and brings anime to an even wider audience.

Are these celebrities involved in creating anime?

While not all of these celebrities are directly involved in creating anime, some have contributed their voices as voice actors in anime projects. Additionally, their passion for anime has influenced their work in other ways, such as inspiring their fashion choices, music videos, or even movie roles.

How can I connect with other anime enthusiasts?

The anime community is vast and vibrant, offering countless opportunities to connect with fellow fans. You can join online forums or social media groups dedicated to anime discussions, attend anime conventions or local meetups, or participate in online events and watch parties. Engaging with like-minded individuals will enrich your anime experience and allow you to share your love for the genre.

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