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A Look Back at the Iconic BMW E90 Series

The BMW E90 series has been an icon of the automobile world since its release in 2004. It is widely hailed as one of the most reliable and well-performing cars in its class and continues to be a favorite among car enthusiasts today. 

The BMW e90 series is a classic entry in the BMW lineup. It’s a favorite among car enthusiasts for its sleek design and powerful engine. 

Whether you’re an experienced car enthusiast or just getting into cars, you can appreciate the incredible work done by these talented builders to make some of the most impressive BMW e90 builds of all time. 

Let’s take a look back at the history of this beloved series.

A Look Back at the Iconic BMW E90 Series

The Origin Story

The original BMW E90 series was released in 2004 as a sedan model, followed by a coupe version (E92) two years later. 

The vehicles were designed with performance and style in mind; they featured powerful engines, sleek exterior designs, and luxurious interiors. It was also one of the first BMW models to feature a turbocharged engine, which helped further boost performance. 

During its production, it had a range of engines and body styles that appealed to drivers from all walks of life. Longer and wider than past models, this car offered a bigger cabin in luxury-class comfort while still providing the thrill of driving expected from a BMW car. 

The E90s quickly became a hit among drivers who were looking for a reliable yet stylish vehicle that could provide excellent performance on a variety of terrain types.

A Technological Milestone

The BMW E90 also marked an important milestone for the company. It was one of the first models to come equipped standard with iDrive – BMW’s infotainment system – which provided drivers with access to navigation, music streaming, phone integration, voice control, and more. 

This was revolutionary at the time; while other automakers were still struggling to incorporate basic technology into their cars, BMW had already taken it several steps further with their advanced infotainment system. This set them apart from their competitors and helped cement their reputation as an industry leader in automotive technology.

Going Out with a Bang

In 2012, BMW released the final iteration of the E90 series – the 335i M Sport Package – which boasted an impressive 300 horsepower engine that could reach 0-60 mph in just 4.8 seconds. 

This model also featured larger wheels than previous iterations, as well as upgraded brakes for better-stopping power. 

The final model marked the end of an era for this beloved series; while there have been other versions since then (such as the F30), none had achieved quite the same level of success or admiration that the original E90s did when they first debuted back in 2004.

5 Incredible BMW e90 Builds of All Time

Whether you’re an experienced car enthusiast or just getting into cars, you can appreciate the incredible work done by these talented builders to make some of the most impressive BMW e90 builds of all time.

From show-worthy classics to wild race cars, these are five of the most incredible builds ever. Each one showcases its own unique style while still staying true to what makes BMW special – its dedication to performance first and foremost. 

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own project car or just want something unique to admire from afar, then these five builds should do just fine.

SKR Project’s E90 M3

This E90 M3 was built by SKR Project with one goal in mind – to make it as fast as possible on the track while still maintaining street-worthiness. 

With over 700 horsepower on tap and a widebody kit, this M3 is one mean machine. The interior has been completely redone with custom carbon fiber accents and an Alcantara steering wheel, giving it a truly unique look both inside and out.

E90 Touring Wagon

E90 Touring Wagon
credit: Only Wagons Youtube

This build takes a more subtle approach than some of the others featured here, but it’s no less impressive. This wagon features a full air suspension setup along with 18″ wheels and low-profile tires for an aggressive stance that looks great on this classic body style. 

A custom exhaust setup was also installed to give it an even deeper tone when driving around town or hitting the open road.

K&N Filters E90 335i

This 335i build by K&N Filters features some serious upgrades under the hood, including upgraded turbochargers, intercoolers, intake manifolds, and exhaust systems for improved performance and power output from this already potent engine. 

The exterior has been given a subtle facelift with new wheels and aftermarket bumpers giving it that classic sporty look that enthusiasts love so much about these cars.

Carbon Fiber Widebody E92 M3

Carbon Fiber Widebody E92 M3
Credit: Tuned.DK

This build is all about making a statement with its widebody kit, complete with carbon fiber accents throughout the entire body of this beautiful coupe. 

It has also been modified internally, featuring upgraded suspension components, larger brakes, and plenty of other go-fast parts to ensure it performs just as well as it looks going down the road or around the track.

Backyard Builds E92 M3 Race Car

Backyard Builds E92 M3 Race Car
Credit: M3Post

Built by Backyard Builds in California, this M3 race car is designed to be competitive at any level of racing, from amateur to professional circuits worldwide. 

It features an extremely powerful engine with forged internals capable of producing over 1,000 horsepower at full boost.

Externally there are lots of aerodynamic improvements such as front splitters, side skirts, rear diffusers, and more that help keep this beast planted firmly on the ground when cornering at high speeds.


It’s easy to see why so many car enthusiasts remain loyal fans of BMW’s iconic E90 series even after all these years – it truly offers something special for everyone. 

From its powerful engines to its cutting-edge technology features, there’s no denying that this classic vehicle has earned its place in automotive history books forevermore. 

Whether you’re looking for your next ride or just want to reminisce about one you once owned, taking a look back at this iconic series is sure to fill any car enthusiast’s heart with nostalgia.

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