Ai Furihata's Long Awaited 1st Album "Super moon" is Coming on

Ai Furihata’s Lengthy-Awaited 1st Album “Tremendous moon” is Approaching October 18! Emblem-New Unmarried “Model” Launched on August 18!

Ai-Furihata-Fashion-Jacket-scaled Ai Furihata's Long-Awaited 1st Album “Super moon” is Coming on October 18!  Brand-New Single “Fashion” Released on August 18!

What You Need to Know:

  • Ai Furihata, whose first original song in nearly a year and a half, “PLAY BOY,” came out in June, will be releasing her long-awaited 1st album “Super moon” as well as going on her 4th tour, “USAGI”! If that weren’t enough, her latest single “Fashion” debuted on August 18.
  • Released before her album, “Fashion” is the culmination of many contributors with lyrics written by Furihata and YUSA, music composed by Misora Sawai as well as YUSA’s contemporary female artists, and arranged by a group of up-and-coming producers, blue but white. Rather than openly say “Tell me I’m pretty, say I’m cute,” the lyrics take a “I wanna jump and play!” approach. The music itself uses a chop and reconstruct technique with various ad-libs and chorus work mixed in that allows Furihata’s talent to shine through.
  • The album will include her debut single and most-recognized song “CITY” as well as “-PROPORTION- III,” which was only performed live on tour in 2022. The 11-track collection will include “PLAY BOY,” “Fashion,” and more newly recorded songs. Ai Furihata’s heart and soul has been packed into this one undertaking. Time becomes meaningless as her emotional and imaginative songs guide you into the future of city pop and beyond.
  • Ai Furihata is making great strides, like a rabbit bounding straight out of the moon!
  • Product Information

    New Single: Fashion
    Lyrics: Ai Furihata / YUSA
    Music: YUSA / Misora Sawai
    All Arrangement: blue but white
    Release Date: August 18, 2023
    Available on various music sites

    Ai Furihata 1st Full Album “Super moon”
    Release Date: October 18, 2023
    Title: Super moon
    Versions: Limited First Edition/Regular Edition
    Price: Limited First Edition: 5,280 yen (inc. tax)
    Regular Edition 3,520 yen (inc. tax)
    Item No.: LAPS-35022 (CD+BD) / LAPS-5022(CD only)
    Tracks, order to be determined
    ・Purple Eye Shadow
    ・From East to West
    11 songs total

    The Blu-ray Disc, a Limited First Edition exclusive, is slated to contain three music videos including “PLAY BOY,” and “Fashion,” as well as behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the artist’s photo album and backstage at the anime convention “ANIMETHON” in Canada.

    Ai Furihata’s Profile

    Born on Feburary 19 in Nagano, Japan.
    2015: Voice acting debut as Ruby Kurosawa in “Love Live! Sunshine!!”
    2018: Performed at the Tokyo Dome as a member of idol group “Aqours” from the same anime during the 2Days concert, attracting 150,000 viewers in Japan and abroad. Appeared on NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen.
    2019: Released first photo album “Itoshiki.” Oricon Weekly ranked it at number 1 in the May 6th issue.
    2020: Solo artist debut on September 23 with “Moonrise.” The lead track “CITY” was an instant hit, ranking 4th on FM/AM radio stations according to Airmoni’s on-air survey from Sept 21 to Sept 27 across the country.
    2021: Kicked off her first live tour at Zepp4 in April. Her second tour began six months later, also at Zepp4. She has been actively performing live ever since.
    2021: Sang the theme song for “189,” a movie released nationally at AEON Cinemas among others on December 3.
    2022: Released first mini-cover album, “Memories of Romance in Summer” in April. The song “Kimitachi Kiwi Papaya Mango Dane?” has over 2.5 million times on YouTube. With Akimitsu Honma producing, Ai Furihata’s lyrics put a beautifully modern twist on music from the 80’s.
    Voice acting: Airi Momoi in “Project Sekai Colorful Stage feat. Hatsune Miku” mobile game, “MORE MORE JUMP!”, Gome-chan in “Dragon Quest, The Adventure of Dai,” among others.
    Singer/Writer: Second mini-cover album, ”Memories of Romance in Driving,” collaboration with producer Night Tempo on “Be With You feat. Ai Furihata,” released the book “Ai Furihata and 100 Cultures,” among others.

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