Assetto Corsa 2 Might be Called "Assetto Corsa Evo"

Assetto Corsa 2 May well be Referred to as “Assetto Corsa Evo”

Developer Kunos Simulazioni of Assetto Corsa has hinted at the new title of the forthcoming sequel, Assetto Corsa Evo, with a clever little clue found in the recently released Nurburgring DLC pack for ACC.

Though it’s a day late for Easter, the teaser appears as an easter egg on the signage on the brand-new Nurburgring 24h course. It’s only been seen in one place so far, yet even there, it manages to be both subdued and a little overbearing.

On the outside of the left-handed turn 10, Kumho Kurve, is a dynamic show. For a few seconds, the big, black sign—which isn’t really there—is essentially in the middle of your field of view as you depart the Michael Schumacher S.

There are moments when it shows “2024,” which has long been the planned release year for Assetto Corsa 2. But if you’re lucky enough to capture it, it also shows a QR code:

You may access the “Assetto Corsa Evo” interstitial page on the Assetto Corsa website by scanning the QR code. While it doesn’t really load all that properly as of this writing, a brief teaser trailer with the Assetto Corsa Evo moniker and slogan “Driving Simulation Evolved” is shown.

A sign-up form for Kunos Simulazioni’s newsletter on their simulation racing games is also available (when it loads), but as of right now, that is the only information available. Notably, the display in issue had Fanatec signs during preview builds; also, today is April 1st; but, for the time being, we’re going to presume that it’s authentic.

It’s an intriguing name choice, if AC2 will really be ACE. “Evoluzione” is the Italian word meaning evolution, as anybody who has followed Ferrari’s automobiles over the years would know; maybe the whole name was dropped to prevent confusion with “Competizione.” The idea that the title is an evolution also seems a little bit of a hedging given that it will feature a brand-new internal engine.

Get the 24H Nurburgring Pack for ACC, which is available for PC versions of the game starting today, if you want to view the teaser for yourself as we wait for further details about Assetto Corsa Evo.

since anticipated, the 15.7-mile combined 24H Nurburgring layout—rather than just the Nordschleife—is included in the $/€12.99 bundle, since only the whole track is included in the Intercontinental GT Challenge, which is run by ADAC and SRO. The pack is a part of ACC’s Update 1.10, which also includes some minor adjustments and new liveries for the forthcoming Alpine Esports series.

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