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Are you looking for that perfect set addition for your project to be elegant, memorable, and timeless? Would you like to see your work have a magnetic allure and a touch of elegance that does not perish with the passage of time or the changes in fashion? What about using your next shoot as an opportunity to travel back in time, and give your characters and your audience the unique privilege to look and feel like the charming protagonist of your favorite retro movie?

Our vintage cars will turn your most creative vission into a reality that is more than attainable; a reality that can be touched and felt and captured, both by the camera and your and your audience’s heart, for a lifetime. Whether you are in Arizona or Los Angeles, California or New York, Nevada, Las Vegas, or all the way in Miami, you can take advantage of our rich and sumptuous selection of classic vehicles that will make every production of yours remarkably unique, special, and unforgettable. We offer a quick and efficient process of vintage car rentals for editorial photo shoots, video shoots, and film productions, and provide you with a variety of classic gems tailored to the commercial needs and requirements of the entertainment industry. 

A Striking Variety of Vintage Vehicles

Every vintage car has something special and unique about it. Whether you are looking for a rich, distinctive color, an artfully designed silhouette, eye-catching, elaborate lines, or hand-crafted curves, our wide-ranging, all-inclusive selection of classic cars has all your unique preferences and wildest aspirations covered. Or perhaps it is the particular  technical specifications such as manual transmission or a 350/355 HP V-8 engine that are needed to be featured according to your script or project plan? We have vehicles for all moods, styles, and personalities, so you can navigate our comprehensive list of vintage treasures knowing that you will leave our page with exactly what you had in mind even before visiting us! 


At our warehouse facility in Los Angeles, California, we house an all-encompassing fleet of over 250+ vehicles, which we can transport to any location of your choice with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency. Ranging from classic trucks and luxury vehicles to vintage cars and exotics, we have made sure to include gems of all types and eras, all characters and motifs, so that you can find the treasure that is closest to your viewers heart and most relevant to your particular objectives! 

 What’s even more fascinating is that we store many more vintage gems from our fleet all across the United States, and right now the vehicle of your dreams is waiting for you somewhere in Texas, or Virginia, or Maine, or maybe all the way to Florida, Connecticut, and New York! Regardless of where you are located, you are only a decision away from your dream!

Ad Campaigns, Movies, Photo Shoots, and More! 

Not only do we offer a wide collection of vehicles, but we also provide our beloved customers with the opportunity to use the cars for a range of purposes that the entertainment industry may entail. Our best classic car rental projects include striking photoshoots for renowned fashion houses, large-scale luxury commercial shoots, music album cover shoots, television series, editorial shoots, and even a major feature film that was marked with a special feel of elegance and fineness thanks to the presence of our classic gems in the most memorable and aesthetically appealing scenes. 


Regardless of the individual needs and requirements of your artistic or commercial project, our vintage treasures will add a touch of luxury and superbness to your piece, giving it a distinguished style that is both retro and futuristic, and that will forever preserve its value throughout time. So many years have passed now, but we still remember Jamiroquai’s famous “Cosmic Girl” , for example, which featured three vintage cars and soon became the band’s second-most-streamed track, selling as many as 250,580 copies and marking its well-grounded presence in the band’s best-selling album. Even though we cannot quantify the extent of contribution that the three vintage cars had toward this success, there is no doubt that the presence of those three astonishing vehicles gave a whole new level of dynamic and an unparalleled dimension of cosmic timelessness to the music video. 

 If you want your own project to have such a lasting, enduring impact on the viewers’ memory, try featuring one of our classic game-changers in your piece, and see the path to success unfold right in front of your eyes! Whether you are making music videos, commercials, motion pictures,  or trying to find creative modes of expression for your next sitcom or TV series, we are happy to assist you at every step of the way!  


The Classic Car Rentals Process

We have spared no effort to make the process of renting our vehicles as easy, quick, and efficient as it could possibly be – truly a white glove service. Currently, our rental vehicle services include anything from transportation and consultation all the way to day of operation and engineering assistance enabling you to enjoy full peace of mind knowing that our team of professionals is taking care of all the aspects of the classic car rentals process. 

 Along with great prices and exceptional service, we also provide guidance on both the creative and the technical subtleties of the process, thereby using the time-honored expertise of our vintage-enthusiast team to make your next project an ultimate success both for you and for us! We care about your project as much as we care about preserving and sharing our passion for vintage cars.

The process of classic car rentals is fairly simple and straightforward. All you need to do is choose the car that works best for your personal or professional wants and needs, and then contact us either by filling out the short questionnaire mentioning your contact details and type of inquiry or by calling us at +1-818-484-8222. Whether you have questions about a specific car or need general advice on which type of vehicle to choose, let us know how we can help and we will get back to you with a satisfactory answer in a timely manner. The success and happiness of our clients is our biggest victory, and we spare no time and effort to make our collaboration a win-win for both of us!

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