Dr. Stone Season 3 [First Impressions]

[First Impressions] of Dr. Stone, Season 3

Some anime frequently tries to reintroduce its viewers after a year or two of absence; this might take the shape of a special episode, a filler episode, or a few episodes with little to no drama, action, or the like. Some anime, on the other hand, simply got right to the point, assuming that their viewers were already familiar with the series and didn’t need any introduction. The latter is Dr. Stone.

At the start of the first episode, it made an effort to acclimate us back into the series. However, its major purpose is to inform Ryuusei, the new member of the gang, about the events that occurred while he was terrified. Even although Ryuusei is being updated, it serves as a useful little recap of what transpired in earlier seasons. But soon after (shortly after the first opening of the season), the show plunged directly into the narrative. Therefore, if you haven’t begun watching the series yet, don’t expect to be eased into it.

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