Endurance Motorsport Series Revealed at Nacon Connect, Launches 2025 on

Staying power Motorsport Sequence Published at Nacon Attach, Launches 2025 on PC & Gen 9 Consoles

Endurance Motorsport Series, a brand-new racing game from KT Racing, was unexpectedly revealed during today’s Nacon Connect live stream. It is scheduled to launch in 2025.

Even the brief teaser trailer is interesting enough to watch; it doesn’t include any actual racing action but does feature two highly important race cars: the Porsche 911 GT3R and its hypercar stablemate, the 963.

In if that wasn’t enough, the official synopsis for the film promises that EMS will include “legendary tracks,” “a number of official vehicles and circuits,” and “Hypercars, LMP2 and GT from the major car manufacturers.”

The FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), which naturally includes the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France, is what all of that sounds quite similar to. However, the fact that the license for that is currently held by someone else raises more concerns than it does answers.

Notably, though, this 40-second teaser has another twist: not only will you participate in the long-distance races in EMS, but you’ll also be a member of the team that drives the vehicle. “Race as a driver, win as a team” is the slogan that appears in the video.

The official press release mentions that the game “also takes you right into the pits, as you step into the shoes of the race engineers,” which suggests that you’ll be in charge of strategy planning when not operating your race vehicle. It’s unclear exactly how this will be accomplished.

Nacon does, in fact, specifically address the necessity of strategizing ahead of time and making snap judgments in the face of “unforeseen occurrences” such as weather and incidents. A weather radar screen is visible in the video, though it’s unclear whose circuit it serves. EMS also includes multiclass racing, so you’ll need to prepare for being passed by vehicles in higher categories and vice versa.

We still don’t know a much about the title because this is only the first announcement. However, it is scheduled to appear on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles next year, using the same KT Engine as the official WRC game until recently.

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