First Look: Mr. Villain’s Day Off

First Glance: Mr. Villain’s Day Off

Manga Adaptation by Shin-Ei Animation and SynergySP


He fights the ranger squad that defends Earth while serving as a commander in the wicked army that seeks to conquer it. However, his favorite thing to do while he’s not working is visit the zoo and see the pandas.

Zigg’s verdict: The Entire Plot is in the Premise

I’m not making this up. There are many positive things to say about Mr. Villain’s Day Off, like its cuteness, moderate charm, agreeably laid-back feel, and wonderful start, but overall, it is so insubstantial that it makes a fart un the wind look like a powerful hurricane. If you can even call it that, there is just one joke, and even in the course of one episode, it has to be repeated several times before its impact gradually wanes. It would be difficult to find enough real content for an episode even if this were a ten-minute short, so it’s kind of shocking that it’s a full twenty-four minutes. As it stands, this is more of an anime version of a “lofi beats to relax to” channel than it is a tale or storyline. More power to you if that’s your thing, but I personally need something with a little more substance to make it worthwhile for me to put in the effort.

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