Helck – 07 – Random Curiosity

Helck – 07 – Random Interest

「人間の王」 (Ningen no Ou)
“The Human King”

Nothing gives you quite as much pleasure as seeing your forecasts come true. It is sufficient to state that the major conflict is now forming and the battlelines are being formed, despite the fact that Helck still prefers to keep its cards close to its chest (a true recurring motif at this point). Or, in Helck’s case, the development of Vamirio’s process of falling in love with her amiable neighborhood hero. Oh yes, I like the direction this is going.

Although it was obvious in the past that something was wrong with Helck’s conception of mankind, I don’t believe many realized that the cause was the resurrection into a state of permanent obedient servitude. Demons are hated by humans to the point where they will give their life for the cause. Other people are looking for allies among old foes in order to save their friends for sure. But perhaps because one king just so happened to know the correct magical command, mankind ended up undergoing entire change. That really kicks things up a notch. Naturally, this raises the question of who the human monarch is, and I have a feeling that this will be the one with the biggest twist to date. I mean, I’m not claiming that Helck’s brother might be the man in the mask, and I have no reason to believe that, but I most definitely am not ignoring the possibility given why the upbeat sport is busy making friends with demonickind.

The situation for those with pointy ears is also going to get chaotic sooner rather than later. The implied nature of humanity’s ongoing resurrection points to later battles being much bloodier, riskier, and difficult than the couple so far. Hyura may be able to compete now, but what about in round five? How long will Azudora’s love of trees be able to compensate for the absence of the tiny fireball? And I believe that everyone is aware of what may be expected from the enormous sugared barrier of invincibility. The demons will lose unless they can conjure a metaphorical rabbit from a hat, thus there is a timer in motion that will ensure some suspense in what has otherwise been a somewhat cheerful tale.

Helck may not wind up fully embracing the dark side going forward, but methinks there are a few pointy edges waiting for their grand reveal.


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