Helck – 08 – Random Curiosity

Helck – 08 – Random Interest

「大陸へ」 (Tairiku e)
“Back to the Continent”

Now things are getting interesting. Or at least more interesting than the last jump in intrigue last time. Helck may continue enjoying frolicking through the veritable garden, yet the pieces keep assembling, the hints keep dropping, and one way or another the promise of a major shocker grows in likelihood with each episode. Don’t believe me? Just have to remember that midseason finally quickly approaches.

If last week for Helck was revealing the onrushing danger of a humanity literally finding its wings, this one was all about showing that Vamirio’s initial uncertainty regarding Helck may not have been that unfounded after all. Sure, our new witch (who bears an awfully striking similarity to Vamirio – definitely not a coincidence) didn’t really specify the what or why, but allusions to Helck’s pressurizing emotions and the guy’s own admission of wanting to stop his own friends are blatant enough to indicate a major schism is coming in terms of what the titular character does versus the face he shows the world. It’s still a question I think just what sets Helck off and how he acts during it – i.e. the degree of devastation – but there’s no doubt Vamirio will be the one who has to bring him back around. After all, the flags for that little heart to heart are already flying high.

As for Vamirio herself, I dare say witch and fluff Piwi do enough to highlight her gradual development. Or if you will, mellowing out. It’s part in parcel for these sorts of tales to bring the main duo closer together and build attachments before exploiting the wellspring provided by such emotional linkages, but approaches like Helck’s are the ones I like best. A lot of Vamirio’s learning to enjoy the big guy (among other characters) after all comes from small scale events or comedic scenes that aren’t particularly impactful by themselves, but really come into their own when taken together. It’s the sort of organic fleshing out that makes these pairings so much fun, particularly when you can look back at the end and see just how far things have progressed. Mind you it’s incredibly unlikely romance is one of the final results of this journey, but I firmly expect it won’t be long before Helck and Vamirio both are sharing more secrets between each other than they originally envisioned.

Getting to it of course may take a bit, but considering the next village on tap is apparently less friendly than the last, I don’t think we’ll have to wait too long before unlikely friendship kicks into high gear.



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