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Helck – 13-14 – Random Interest

Episode 13

Episode 14

「弟と共に / 傭兵団」 (Otouto to Tomo ni / Youheidan)
“With Younger Brother in Tow / The Mercenaries”

I had to miss a week with Helck due to work obligations, but I dare believe it was the right time to do so (along with a few autumn show introductions, the joys of being on call). We learned more about the recent history of humanity in addition to getting some extremely enticing theories about what is behind the current upsurge in heroic violence. The best thing, though? We haven’t even gotten to the point when Helck is supposedly made a pariah.

I can’t say I’m overly stunned that Helck and Cless ended up as orphans who maxed up their luck stats at just the perfect time, given how fantasy stories typically end. It’s appropriate in a manner since it demonstrates that Helck’s humility is genuine and that some of his skills are superior to others. It also subtly demonstrates that Helck is a hero in his own right. Given the stark power differential between him and Vamirio, it’s true that the last section might have been predicted earlier, but much like the rest of this series, it’s just one response to two more questions. How exactly did Helck acquire his superhuman abilities? Was it comparable to Cless in rewarding ability over struggle? Or did another person play a role in awarding the two with a talent unlock that was incredibly powerful? The answer to that question is likely to reveal much more than you may expect, given how the rest of humanity has fared thus far.

Helck’s biography was not the only information revealed; in fact, details of Cless and his first battle with the Demon King emerged from more general history. A crucial component is absent, much like with Helck’s superhuman abilities, because monsters are sprouting up everywhere and the death of the Demon King did nothing to stop them from doing so. Some of these creatures are even related to those who have been ravaging Vamirio’s homeland. The miasma mentioned at the outset, in my opinion, is still to blame for everything, but that raises the question of who is spreading it and why; the human world, for example, is still bright and lush in comparison to the demon lands; if miasma is involved, it is being used purposefully and selectively. If accurate, it definitely raises the possibility of a different kind of mastermind at work, but given how patient Helck is, I don’t anticipate finding out any more information on that for a while.

After all, we still don’t know how Helck allegedly murders his brother and ends up with Alicia’s shattered sword that is used to kill heroes. I have a feeling that will turn out to be a little bit of an adventure.


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