Japan’s New Private Racetrack Looks Straight Out of Gran Turismo

Japan’s New Non-public Racetrack Seems Instantly Out of Gran Turismo

With its surreal appearance straight out of a Gran Turismo game, the Magarigawa Club, Asia’s first private racetrack resort, is now open for business.

Located in the Chiba Prefecture hills above Minamiboso, only an hour outside of Tokyo, is the purpose-built motoring-themed luxury recreational resort known as Magarigawa Club. Naturally, the racetrack is the main attraction, and you may be shocked to hear that it was designed by the famous Tilke Engineers & Architects.

At 3.57 kilometers (2.22 miles) in length, it has about 22 turns. There is an 875-yard (800-meter) straight and a virtually identical return that is significantly more twisted, even though those figures seem to be somewhat busy.

There is a significant elevation difference as the route winds its way through the mountains that tower above the city, some 1,000 feet above sea level. There is a total of more than 800 feet (250 meters) of ascent and descent, with the steepest climb clocking in at 19.4 percent, or almost 1 in 5, and the sharpest descent clocking in at 14.7 percent. An indoor pit lane and a comprehensive digital safety flag system are also included.

The Maeda Corporation has spent the last three years constructing the circuit in a hilly area infamous for landslides. Fans of Gran Turismo may recognize the name; this is the same firm whose Fantasy Marketing Department previously conducted a real-life feasibility assessment for the construction of Grand Valley Speedway!

Only members are allowed access to the track and its private lessons with instructors. Members may purchase access for ¥36,000,000 ($240,000) plus an additional ¥220,000 ($1,500) every year.

Obviously, there are also premium memberships that come with 25 exclusive “paddocks” that come with sleeping quarters and room for up to four cars. These are maintained by the facility’s on-site mechanics and are climate-controlled.

Reportedly, some of the first purchasers paid as much as ¥800 million ($5.4 million) for these private locations, which also provide entrance to the clubhouse. A 25-meter infinity pool, a natural hot spring, a bar, a gym, a karaoke room, a family lounge, and a dining area with views of Mount Fuji, which is about 70 miles distant, are all features of the clubhouse.

Taking everything into account, it’s a place that Gran Turismo may definitely visit in the future. Actually, it would be an ideal location for a GT World Tour race in the 2024 season…

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