Jujutsu Kaisen S2 – 19 – Random Curiosity

Jujutsu Kaisen S2 – 19 – Random Interest

理非-弐-(Rihi -Ni-)
“Right and Wrong, Part 2”

This one was difficult to watch. When an anime accesses a character’s past during a crucial combat sequence, it’s never a good indication. This time, we get to meet Nobara. Normally austere and motionless, the show needed to delve deep into her past for one reason only. To be able to exhibit her vulnerable side. It was through childhood memories in this scenario. Also, friendship. In this scenario, I believe brotherhood applies. Nobara expresses her dissatisfaction with the little town early in the flashback section, which occurs about the middle of the episode. Her pal doesn’t understand until one of her neighbors delivers red rice to her mother to celebrate her first period.

As Nobara’s friend pointed out, that is inherently weird. Something as personal and private as a period – spread as a rumor around the town and falling on this old lady’s ears. Is simply something regarded creepy and nothing more. There is no privacy in this community, and we all know Nobara despises anything that interferes with her individuality. Old notions may still pervade the countryside, and wearing a contrasting color goes against the ideology that Japanese people have commented on in their culture. Nobody should stick out, and everyone should go with the flow. Choosing a color other than red and black is therefore considered unusual. The main reason for this is that the culture outside of the city is different and people think differently. Let me remind you that these backpacks are around $800!

So being ridiculed and mishandling your belongings, especially something so valuable, is bound to cause tears to anyone attempting to collect it from atop a locker, as well as emotions such as humiliation and remorse for not being able to care for something so valuable. Typically, these backpacks are purchased by a grandparent, and being unable to purchase one indicates that you have failed as one. (sauce)

Nobara finally softens up when she meets a lady who has recently moved to the countryside and treats Nobara and her companion as if she is an elder sister. Nobara begins to look up to this person and begins to fill her days with optimism. However, because of differing ideas, this newcomer is swiftly tormented by the locals. Probably something to do with privacy. It’s one thing to have tiny kids over for funsies and tea times unannounced; it’s quite another when an oba-chan shows up unannounced and requests to be treated as if she’s your mother.

This is how little communities operate.

So when this individual is forced to leave due to harassment, it is Nobara who sobs since she is beginning to discover freedom in a kind face. The following scene was Nobara bidding goodbye to her only friend and both of them breaking down while trying not to cry. Her pal was speechless and simply nodded.

These stories may not appear to be related to what is going on in Shibuya, but they are significant to Nobara. We got to see another side of her, albeit for a little period.

If I recall correctly, JJK was hailed back in season 1 for its portrayal of female characters and how it deviates from usual shonen fare. I believe that praise continues today, despite the fact that the triumvirate has lost a valuable member. It was handled with dignity and grace, and her farewell was poignant while retaining JJK’s charisma and charm.

Nobara – you will be missed.

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