Jujutsu Kaisen S2 – 20 – Random Curiosity

Jujutsu Kaisen S2 – 20 – Random Interest

理非-参-」 (Rihi -San-)
“Right and Wrong, Part 3”

Hey guys, ¥250,000 for a shirt is insane. That would be about $1700 if Gojo were sporting a high-end brand. He is dressed in Versace and Gucci. Jokes aside, this episode was really funny. JJK’s caliber only seems to keep getting better; it never seems to go down. Apart from that, there are still three episodes to go; suffice it to say, I know very well where the story will end. There’s also a major cliffhanger. Thus, if the pacing is making it difficult for you to watch it week after week, I strongly advise you to get the manga as soon as possible because you will just end up suffering more. There will undoubtedly be a third season, a follow-up to season 2, or perhaps a trilogy of films. Because of JJK’s enormous popularity and the admiration from viewers, a gripping plot has kept you interested. The work that MAPPA has been doing to translate manga chapters into animation has been excellent. This episode, for instance, spans approximately one entire chapter.

Given that he views himself as a killer, Itadori appears to be prepared to give up hope. However, Todo appears because it appears they both respect Yuji. I call him bro, but everyone is confused since this muscle guy uses the term “bro” in Japan, which is strange. If that’s what makes him who he is, then why can’t he just call him bro? I’ll never get it. I mean, Aniki would have done if Gege was trying to stand apart. It’s neither here nor there, so I’m preaching to the choir here.

Given the Yakuza connotation of Aniki, I suppose Gege sought to distance himself from it.

Nevertheless, it’s an odd feeling because the animation hasn’t stopped as we approach the finish line with just three weeks remaining. Someone at MAPPA is probably in tears since the cells aren’t finished on time. The MAPPA office is practically devoid of the Christmas atmosphere; there’s a person sleeping under the desk, and the only scent that lingers is that of burnt coffee and mildewed human flesh. Guys, these animators are crying, show some empathy (as per my requirement and after four years of earning a B.A. in animation). This is essentially because there hasn’t been any filler throughout this season; instead, it’s essentially a beat-for-beat adaptation of the manga. And that is deserving of a prize of some kind. Hopefully, the RC AOTY will have some thoughts on that.

Thus, yes, the animation is excellent, and everything else. This episode passed very quickly, like a black flash, lol. Don’t I seem funny? No, really, it was finished a few seconds after I hit play. Was that twenty-three minutes? It seemed like five. With the exception of the minor incident from last week, this episode began with a humorous skit starring the three of them before cutting to the present state of affairs. An enlargement of Nobara. She has passed away. There’s hope for Yuji from the blond guy. She is not dead 100 percent of the time. However, she is essentially dead. Like a gunshot through her head.

If you previously intended to deactivate her, why give up? – While I do not entirely disagree with the remarks made last week, I do agree with them in part. I know I’m in the minority, but I believe it’s wonderful and excellent movie when a joyous scene is abruptly cut to reality. That also applies to last week. It’s a nice perspective to see her enjoyment contrasted with the sorrow of her passing. But I suppose that’s not how people view it. In a way, it’s similar to helping Yuji grow. It seems to me that they were more interested in delving into his sadness. To what extent will Yuji’s insanity continue before he snaps? This episode showed us a little bit of that. However, the manga hasn’t addressed grief of any kind thus far.

Let’s see what happens next week – I’m looking forward to it!

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