Jujutsu Kaisen S2 – 21 – Random Curiosity

Jujutsu Kaisen S2 – 21 – Random Interest

変身」 (Metamorphosis)

Okay, let’s begin! I’m sorry for the late report, but you don’t care, and neither do I. Take care of it; it’s here.

This episode was really great! Usually, fights are tense; it makes our hearts skip a beat to not know who will win. There was a great lesson in how to do fight scenes in this episode. It might feel like it’s moving too quickly, and not just because the show has to get to a certain point in the book. It’s still pretty much beat-by-beat, though. Most of the time, conversation can ease that tension. This has been done in anime for a very long time. Remember how they would stop in the middle of a Naruto fight scene and talk? For the most part, writers would try to keep the drama high through dialogue like this, and the fight goes on. The conversation was useful in this case! To move the story along, and then the fight scene goes on. Mahito finally found his soul’s true core and changed into it. It’s kind of like the last form of a boss. I meant to say that there was no need to waste time; each frame was a picture and served a purpose. You have to respect that. Yuji and Mahito could have stopped to make the show last longer, but instead they start running toward each other, and the music starts up again. Good job!

But the show has always had this theme, and it became even stronger in S2: Mahito and Yuji are naturally rivals. Choso himself agrees with this. All of that leads to a release of stress that is so good it deserves a chef’s kiss. It’s kind of like that in the comic, but it’s only about one or two pages long. In this case, they were able to turn it into a full-fledged scene. Back to the idea that Mahito is like a rabbit with a broken leg because he is so weak now. Yuji has grown so strong that he looks like a white wolf. I love how the wolf’s scars on his face took the idea even further. As a watcher, you should understand what this scene was trying to say.

Mahito is losing the fight at this point, and Yuji’s heart has lost all humanity. In the end, it’s like a cold, snowy landscape where nothing lasts for long. And in my mind’s story, wouldn’t this be like Yuji’s domain expansion? Because of how things are, Yuji can’t have a domain growth. This could be a hint at what it would be. Something that was never there. Since this is the case, even a simple cold rock hitting his head breaks the scene. Is quick to look back at his prey, though. I love how Mahito goes from looking so strong to being so weak. I liked how they made him move there. Also, Yuji’s shadow got longer and his eyes turned red. Like ever since Sukuna left him in front of the huge hole he made. Yuji hasn’t had time to relax. And who else has their hair up like that but Sukuna? That’s when Mahito began to worry about what Yuji would turn into in the future. I worry that Yuji is turning into Sukuna more and more. I can’t help but wonder what will happen to him here.

Let’s get this over with. It’s a very strange moment, but it works out great for JJK. A J-Pop song starts playing when Todo drops his pendant, which has a picture of Yuji and his favorite idol on it. Todo then starts to imagine that his favorite idol is fighting with him. It’s a funny moment, and JJK has never taken itself too seriously, so it fits right in. Everything was great—the lights, the flashes, everything. Also, all this fighting and figurative language is really getting deep. That kind of little thing is fun to have around every once in a while. This episode really just went off. For some reason, the scene with the snow was so well done that it made me cry. Yes, Geto does finally show up and offer to help Mahito.

Also, don’t you all think that Mahitos VA (Shimazaki, Nobunaga) ate this episode? I seriously thought to myself about all the little things he added, like the giggles he made while Mahito ran around without a head, and how, when he smiled, all the little onomatopoeias sounded like they were turned up to eleven. In my view, Nobunaga-san did a great job. It looked like this might be one of his last shows, so hit a home run! And he did something! At the very least, they wanted to make him more famous since this is the big fight!

Okay, there are two more episodes left. I’m actually a little scared because, well, let’s just say that the manga doesn’t do a great job of ending this story. We hope that MAPPA will do a better job, but the translation has been great so far. I have hope.

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