Memorable Music Videos With Vintage Cars

Memorable Track Movies With Antique Vehicles

Did you know that some of the greatest music videos of all time feature your favorite classics? Whether these are the vintage cars that make the music videos so appealing, or the beauty of the music and the lyrics that gives the classic cars a whole new level of impressiveness and awe-inspiring grandeur, the outcome is never ever in doubt: music and classics benefit and complement each other in such unexpected yet exhilarating ways, and this combination is one of the most thrilling and uplifting experiences the world has ever known. “Feed two birds with one seed” is perhaps the best idiom to describe the feeling a classic car enthusiast experiences when seeing his/her favorite vintage gem in a music video, as it feels exactly like suddenly discovering two hidden treasures at the same time – a catchy tune for the ear and a heart-stirring image for the eye! We recently had the opportunity to experience and enjoy this wonderful feeling, and we cannot wait to share our freshly discovered treasures with our fellow vintage lovers! 

Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl 

A black Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, a purple Lamborghini Diablo SE30, and a red Ferrari F40… as if one vintage treasure was not enough, Jamiroquai’s “Cosmic Girl” music video features as many as three! But director Adrian Moat’s stylistic choice is completely reasonable and justified, as one needs no less than three cars to convey the rhythmic “looped beats” and the outworldly drive of the song. Filmed at Cabo de Gata, Spain, these supercars are shown to race each other incessantly from daylight to dawn, passing through a series of highways and mountain roads all the way to boundless desert landscapes and mind-blowing fire outbreaks.

On the driver’s seat of the purple Lamborghini we can spot someone quite spectacular – Jay Kay, who is the founding member and lead vocalist of the famous jazz-funk band Jamiroquai. Right next to him, on the co-pilot seat of the car, we can see Stuart Zender – the internationally famed bassist without whom the Jamiroquai band would perhaps not reach the level of prominence and esteem that it managed to achieve. The red Ferrari F40, on the other hand, was provided by Nick Mason himself (yes, you’re right, Nick the Pink Floyd drummer!), and this world-renowned drummer is also in the music video driving the car. Given the presence of such remarkable protagonists and stunning cars, it becomes no surprise that “Cosmic Girl” managed to sell 250,580 copies and contributed to the success of Jamiroquai’s Travelling Without Moving (1996) album, which had sales of 1.2 million and consequently became the band’s best-selling album. According to Official Charts, the song is also the band’s second-most-streamed track – with as many as 2.75 million plays. 

Perhaps listening to the song was a way for the audience to travel to this unearthly “cosmic world” that the song lyrics is mentioning about, a hyperspace with “zero gravity” where one could meet the cosmic girl from “another galaxy,” transcending the limits of the physical world and finding refuge in the everlasting infinity of the purple skies of the music video and the yellow-bluish vibes of the song. And the vintage cars were such a fantastic medium to escape the present and travel somewhere new, some new galaxy, yet unvisited but full of wonders! The great news is that you too can enjoy a ride to the cosmic pages of the past. All you need to do is choose any of our cosmic classics, make it yours and simply play the song “Cosmic Girl” while taking to the road. Whether you are looking for the cosmic girl or the cosmic story, our supercars will help you find your own treasure! 

Huey Lewis & The News – Power of Love 


If you have watched Robert Zemeckis’s fantastic sci-fi Back to the Future (1985), then you are most likely familiar with the other brilliant tune that we are soon to unpack in this paragraph. “The Power of Love” – a 1985 single by Huey Lewis and the News, was written specifically for Back to the Future, and appears in the very first moments of the film as the protagonist – a small-town California teenager Marty McFly, skates to school. The song is perhaps the best way to convey the rhythmic nature of the skateboard drive and get across the youthful spirit that Marty McFly is blessed with, giving the ride an upbeat, energetic sense of drive and catching the viewers’ attention since the very beginning of the film. 

The lively and zestful music, coupled with meaningful lyrics and artistic performance, leave a trace in the audience’s memory and stay in our minds all throughout the film, making us immediately remember the tune as soon as McFly and his band play a hard rock version of the “Power of Love” later in the film. Their performance is for a “Battle of the Bands” audition, at which Marty’s group is told that they are “just too darn loud.” Interestingly, the judge who makes this comment is played by Huey Lewis himself, thereby giving the film a whole new level of uniqueness and grandeur. To make sure we do not spoil this amazing film for you before you watch it, we will stop making references to the plot right here and will let you explore the charming cinematic blockbuster on your own. Instead, we will offer a few words about the song and the music video itself, which are definitely no less important and fascinating than the film. 

The song was in fact so spectacular in itself that it became the band’s first-ever song that rose to No 1 spot in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and it was the band’s second #1 hit in the U.S. Mainstream Rock chart. Moreover, this powerful hit about the “Power of Love” comes with an equally powerful story. As Lewis himself recalls in Rolling Stone’s “The Breakdown,” Robert Zemeckis and his creative team chose Huey Lewis to write a theme song for Back to the Future with the reasoning that the protagonist Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) would have been a huge Huey Lewis and the News fan. However, the humble singer and songwriter Huey Lewis initially rejected this offer, telling Zemeckis and his team that he had no background experience in writing theme songs for films, and that he did not want to write a song that would be titled “Back to the Future” (what was so problematic about the title, dear Lewis?). But Zemeckis, along with the film’s producer Steven Spielberg and writer Bob Gale, insisted and explained to Lewis that all they wanted was a song by Lewis, not necessarily one for a film or (even worse!) titled “Back to the Future.” The famous rocker gave his agreement to send the next track he wrote to the creative team of Back to the Future, and this is how the “The Power of Love” was born. 

As Lewis recalls, when he was in the control room with the keyboard player Sean Hopper listening to the vocal, at the end Sean looked at him and said: “You know what? Best thing we’ve ever done.” This statement proved itself numerous times in the longer term, as, even though many of the band’s songs did get slightly changed and modified over the years, “The Power of Love” always stayed the same. “We got it pretty right the first time,” Lewis concluded in his interview. There is so much to say about the music video of “Power of Love,” but we would like to let you discover the beauty of the music video from start to finish by yourself. Therefore, we only disclose that the music video depicts the band playing in a nightclub –  not just any nightclub but Uncle Charlie’s – one of the favorite and frequent stops of Huey Lewis & The News in their early career). 

In the music video, you will also have the chance to see the famous DeLorean DMC-12 – the film’s spectacular time travel machine. The DeLorean DMC-12 does get a remarkable amount of screen time in the music video and even gets stolen by a couple for a trip. Lewis himself has revealed that the filming of the music video took them an entire day and night, but that is completely understandable, as “the power of love is a curious thing, make a one man weep, make another man sing.” We truly hope that your love makes you sing when you are on the road, and that your song is always accompanied by some rock ‘n’ roll pops and bangs played by your favorite classic!

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