Morgan Plus Four: In the Line of Past and Present

Morgan Plus 4: Within the Line of Previous and Provide

Have you ever dreamt of a car that has the power and speed of a modern vehicle yet looks exactly like a classic? Morgan Plus Four is a dream-come-true for every vintage enthusiast and for everyone else who appreciates the beautiful fusion of past and present, brought together through a significant amount of hard work, ingenuity, craftsmanship, and passion-driven boldness. Merging the best qualities of vintage and modern cars in one single vehicle, the Morgan Motor Company has also merged decades-old tradition with a luxurious and pleasant touch of modernity, creating a car that is easy and comfortable to drive but also astonishing to simply look at and immerse yourself in the cozy and heartwarming realm of nostalgia. In this article, we would like to invite you to take part in an exciting exploration journey of the best features of this unique vehicle and discover the tremendous charm and aesthetic appeal that is at the very heart of Morgan Plus Four.

A Dazzling and Skillful Design 

The production and manufacturing of most modern vehicles are focused primarily on rather performative areas, ranging from horsepower and speed to handling, safety, and comfort. This approach, coupled with the producers’ profit-driven intention to maximize production quantity and resulting income, often means that other important aspects such as chassis design, aesthetics, feel and character are overlooked and almost left out from the overall process of creating and developing the vehicle. This premise, however, does not work for 2020 Morgan Plus Four for which look, character, and tradition matter as much as does its performance, power, and speed. This endows the car with a special touch of uniqueness and an unparalleled mix of power and beauty. 

First and foremost, it is important to note that, unlike most modern vehicles, the Morgan Plus Four is crafted predominantly by hand rather than by heavy machinery, boring assembly lines, and almost robotic mass production routines. This makes the Morgan Plus Four less like any modern mass-produced vehicle and more like our beloved classics, bestowing the car with a special character and feel that is passed on to the material through the hands of the diligent craftsmen. In fact, the astonishing aluminum panels of the vehicle are the result of some significant amount of hand beating, physically turning the silvery-white, lightweight metal into a drivable work of art. What is even more impressive is that, as you open the beautifully elongated bonnet (the slats on which are in turn cut entirely by hand), you will discover an ashwood frame situated right below it, which immediately conveys the retro mood and feel of the vehicle even in places that are not directly perceivable by sight. This minor detail shows that the core of Morgan Plus Four is not the intention to impress the customer by pretending to be something it is not, but rather the belief in the value of heritage, a strong appreciation of the classic past of automotive, and a willingness to keep beautiful traditions alive. 

The rectangular shape of the vehicle is another noteworthy characteristic of Morgan Plus Four. The preference for aerodynamic designs in the modern car industry has pushed for smooth, rounded edges and ‘jelly bean’ designs, thereby sacrificing beautiful, angular shapes for the mere sake of performance metrics. Morgan Plus Four has stayed loyal to the astonishing charm of angularity, adopting a perfectly rectangular outline that is easily noticeable when you look at the car from above. But the angular outline is not the only thing that makes the silhouette of the vehicle simply stunning and heart-stirring, as other elements such as the classic wheels, mesmerizing panel doors, and the compact cabin with its oblique, sloping back are all equally powerful attributes that adorn the car with a charm like no other. 


A Cozy Interior That Feels Like Home

The Morgan Motor Company has somehow found a way to create an atmosphere of coziness and hominess with an accompanying aesthetic of luxury and modernity. The modern seat heating system, coupled with the tan leather on the seats, makes the car particularly enjoyable for long winter rides, where you can enjoy a sense of warmth and coziness while admiring the beautiful snow-white scenery of the outdoors from the comfort of your home car. Despite the lack of the infotainment system, you can still listen to music while driving via Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to enjoy your favorite tunes along with the car’s spirited pops and bangs (the car does, in fact, have an optional sports exhaust which you can enable anytime you want to feel more energy and power in your body, heart and mind. The oatmeal box woven carpets and the walnut wood trim on the center console and dashboard provide a stark contrast to the mood of modernity and bestow the car with a vintage feel, surrounding you with a large variety of hand-stitched elements and making you feel like you are sitting not in a car but a skillfully constructed piece of art. Another unique feature of the artful craft of Morgan Plus Four is that the interior of the vehicle is somehow made compact and spacious at the same time, two characteristics that would otherwise sound opposing but are brought together to a harmonious coexistence inside the aluminum “CX” chassis of the car. But if this car has managed to bring two opposing traditions and modernity – two seemingly opposing concepts of time together, of course, it can play such games of contrasts with and within space! 

Don’t Judge A Car by Its Cover

Reading the above paragraph and then looking at the curvaceous side sills and the windscreen wipers made of glowing metal, you would quickly jump to the false conclusion that Morgan Plus Four is all about beauty and chassis design. This would, however, be a serious misjudgment and a complete understatement of the vehicle’s performative potential. Under its louvered hood, this impressive vehicle is powered with an equally impressive type of engine: a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder motor sourced from BMW. In practice, this translates into 295lb-ft for the eight-speed automatic car and 258lb-ft for the six-speed manual, giving you all the power you’d ever dream of for such a lightweight vehicle (in fact, Morgan Plus Four weighs only 1,013 kg). The weight, coupled with remarkably thin tires, provides the car with an astonishing level of speed, enabling it to achieve a 0-100 in as little as 5.2 seconds, which is perfect for some adventurous, sporty trips full of fun, adrenaline-rush moments, and a highly energetic drive all throughout the way. And with Morgan Plus Four, you will most likely have a lot of trips given how fuel-efficient the vehicle is with its 14km/L average. The fuel tank of the car is another facilitator of nice, long road trips, with its 46L tank potential to be filled according to your preferences, wants, and needs. While on the road, you can also enjoy some ‘heel and toe’ action which is facilitated by the well-thought-out placement of the pedals, and, as if all of the above wasn’t enough, there is also an additional S+ button which you can press anytime you crave for even sharper vehicle responsiveness. 

Closing Thoughts 

The Morgan Motor Company did not spare any effort to keep its 2020 Morgan Plus Four as close to the original 4/4 model as possible, making improvements on the performance-related metrics of the vehicle solely. This approach has important implications for vintage enthusiasts as we, once again, are reminded how valuable our beloved classics are regardless of the passage of time and the addition of new features and stronger engines. Mood, character, originality, and uniqueness are characteristics that are always trendy and valued by those who appreciate elegance, story, and history. Buying a classic therefore means making a long-term investment that is profitable not only in terms of finances but also in regard to experiences, as by investing in a vintage car you become part of a century-old movement of preserving tradition and heritage. Unlike the 2020 Morgan Plus Four, each and every car in our inventory comes with a spectacular story that we would be more than happy to share with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries, and who knows, maybe the story of one of our cars can completely change the story of your life! 

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