Need for Speed Unbound Volume 6 Arrives Today: Audi Returns,

Want for Pace Unbound Quantity 6 Arrives Nowadays: Audi Returns, NFS Legends Content material, & Top class Pace Move

EA today unveiled the first of the four new upgrades for the year, which are also accessible as of right now. This announcement follows the announcement of “Year 2” support for Need for Speed Unbound.

EA aims to make Volume 6 “the ultimate NFS experience, all in one place” by adding new material along with a slew of adjustments and modifications. The main attraction for it is the Audi brand making a comeback to the series after it was missing from Heat.

The brand now offers three models: the 2020 model RS6 Avant wagon, the 2019 R8 supercar, and the S5 Sportback, which is making a comeback after Payback. Naturally, each of the three has a large selection of unique visual enhancements, and there are also unique, uncommon bespoke models of each, however there is a slight catch.

This coincides with the launch of a brand-new “Premium Speed Pass” tier, offering fresh and unique cosmetics as an additional, paid add-on to the standard Speed Pass. As you accrue experience points, you can acquire this new 30-level pass, which grants you access to the RS6 Avant, a unique bodykit for the RS6, new “projections” and “infinity” rims and plates, and exclusive Rare Custom versions of the three new Audis.

Naturally, the 45-level progression system of the original Speed Pass is still in place. Along the way, you’ll find incentives like the Audi R8 and S5, bodykits for both, new banner titles, and new multiplayer character skins for Ross, Youmna, and Justicia.

The benefits in both situations, whether they are free or cost money, will only last until Volume 7 launches, which are presently scheduled for May through July. If you decide to purchase the Premium Speed Pass, take care not to lose out on these opportunities.

The 30-year history of the game series is heavily referenced by Unbound, along with new “NFS Legends” material. A portion of that may be seen in the Premium Speed Pass because Darius drove a Le Mans Quattro concept car in 2006’s Need for Speed: Carbon, which is modeled after the Rare Custom R8.

With particular difficulties in the Weekly Playlist, it also has content that normal players can appreciate. In the first, the Ferrari Testarossa is featured, paying homage to the second-generation 512TR from the original Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed video game from 1994.

In Volume 6, a new “Rank” system will also be added as an additional means of showcasing your abilities and quickness. Whether you play in single-player or multiplayer, you’ll gain Rank, which will let you advance to each Rank Division and unlock new decals, banner frames, and banner titles (also added in the update).

Alongside that, there’s a new multiplayer mode called PVP that lets players race against each other straight from the multiplayer garage or in free roam mode. There are already 25 new races accessible. Weekly PVP playlists are also available, with three carefully selected lists that rotate every week. These will feature races and NFS Legends events based on the new Audi cars, along with performance tier lists.

Today marks the release of Unbound’s Volume 6 update for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X. The cost of the Premium Speed Pass is yet unknown. Currently, the game is available for free through the Game Catalog for PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium users. Catch-up packs for Volumes 3 and 4 can be purchased for $/€9.99 each.

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