Ore dake Level Up na Ken – 07 Random

Ore dake Degree Up na Ken – 07 – Random Interest

“Let’s See How Far I Can Go”

I’m not sure how I feel about Solo Leveling; after 7 episodes, the plot appears to be on pace with the manhwa, but it strangely feels stale. I don’t know, you tell me. This time, Sung tries to push the system to its limits by doing 200 push-ups and running 20 kilometers. By doing so, the system awards him with a loot box, this time containing a key to the Palace of Hell, where he encounters a puppy named Cerberus. It’s difficult, yet he manages because he is the Solo Leveler! He was undoubtedly going to win. Even though it was a decent fight, I don’t think it was anything out of the norm. I can’t believe this much-anticipated series is disappointing me. It’s strange because I keep comparing Solo Leveling to JJK in terms of the animation they should have, but then there’s this other series I’m really like right now. Shangri-la Frontier, which for me was the surprise of last season with 25 episodes, could have easily been reviewed, and the last episode was so fantastic with such powerful animation that I’m over here watching Solo being like this animation kinda mid.

Sigh – what else can you do but rant on the internet, I suppose? Not like Japanese directors are looking at MAL and wondering what Westerners make of it. Even though this series was created with the premise of anime being a worldwide medium, all of the system text boxes are in English. That is why a really popular K-pop group performs the entrance, and so on. I sincerely hope Solo Leveling finds a second wind in something like Toonami when it receives a full dub.

Something I forgot to mention last week: Sung’s voice actor is carrying this show! He is doing an excellent job of communicating the show’s more emotional and subtle moments; congratulations, he is knocking it out of the park. And, like a genuine league match where your team is losing, he’s pushing that bot lane and missing out on all of the team battles because he’s solo leveling, lol.

I have really little to say about this episode, so it will be a quick review this week – the Cerberus animation was okay, but nothing to write about on RC. For now, I hope you have a pleasant day.

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