P*ck of Destiny : Merch For Life and More!


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Become the ultimate beholder of ARDrift’s most desired item….the P*ck of Destiny🙌. As Uncle Ben once said “With great power comes great responsibility” but in this case it just comes with great merch and benefits 😉

By wielding the P*ck of Destiny, you’ll be the first to know when we release new merchandise for the rest of your life, or ours! That’s right, whenever we release new merchandise, you’ll automatically receive a set of Hoodie and T-Shirt in your desired size. You like cool cars? How about VIP tickets to ArTire’s Drift Events!? 🤯 Ever feel a bit out of alignment? We can’t provide a chiropractor, but if you are in the Bay Area we got your car covered with our top of the line alignments for FREE too!

So why settle for second place when you can take the lead with the P*ck of Destiny? As Ricky Bobby says…”If you’re not first, you’re last”. Join the ARDrift Club and become the most powerful (of 10) human beings.

What kind of power does the P*ck of Destiny grant?

  1. Merch for Life (Exclusive to Hoodies & T-Shirts)
  2. (2) VIP Tickets for Every ARTire Event
  3. Free Alignments from ARTire Automotive’s Bay Location

Material: 100% rubber

Diameter, in 3.00
Height, in 1.00


Weight N/A


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