Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure Episodes 37 50 Anime Review

Hovering Sky! Lovely Remedy Episodes 37-50 Anime Overview

Every tale has an origin. As corny as it may seem, the fact is that we seldom consider the origins of things, particularly when the narrative we are immersed in or witnessing is captivating and intricate in and of itself. In their battle against the Undergu Empire, the Cures essentially act in this manner: they don’t really ask why the evil organization has such animosity against Skyland. There isn’t much investigation into why the Undergu Empire is so focused on evil, even when they do their hardest to help Battamonda once he leaves the Empire. However, the last batch of episodes in this series reveals that there’s a lot more to the narrative than they realize, and that knowledge is what wins the war in the end.

The topic and persona of the “legendary Pretty Cure” are approached differently in every season of the larger Pretty Cure series. Sky Ablaze! Choosing to present herself and share her past with us is how Pretty Cure goes about things. (As far as licensed seasons go, Healin’ Good Pretty Cure is the most similar to this strategy, despite Kira Kira Pretty Cure a la Mode and Tropical-Rouge! See the accounts of previous cures as well, Pretty Cure.) But Cure Noble really makes a difference by working with the present Cures; in fact, it’s unlikely that Cure Sky would survive without her. Three centuries ago, Cure Noble, the princess of Skyland, came into contact with the Undergu Empire. Instead of only battling them, she made an effort to build a rapport with them by attempting to become friends with the emperor’s daughter, Empress Undergu. She seems to have betrayed them despite their link, murdering the emperor and exposing herself as a fake friend. This put the two countries on a collision path, and the war that is now taking place in the episode is the result of centuries’ worth of miscommunication-fueled resentment.

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise if there is a misunderstanding, but the more important lesson is that there are no black and white answers—rather, everything is gray. Because she is just human, Cure Noble will always make errors. The only way she can atone for them is to utilize Ellee’s help to project her abilities into the future. She believes that the issues of the past may be resolved for the current generation of Cures, which includes Ellee, her descendant. Did she realize that while Cure Noble battled alone, Ellee would gather four allies and create a team? Undoubtedly, as the decisive conflict demonstrates, the Cures possess more strength in unison than in isolation. When Mashiro and Sora join forces, they become an almost invincible force, and Ageha and Tsubasa can combine their talents to tremendous effect. Because she is aware that the light from Cure Prism would always drive the darkness away and return her to herself, Sora is able to consume Skearhead’s Undergu energy and change into Dark Sky.

While Sora/Cure Sky is the protagonist and head of the Pretty Cures, Mashiro/Cure Prism also plays a significant role in these last few episodes. The cohabitation of light and shade is a major motif in Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure, as it is in many magical girl programs, most notably Sailor Moon and the underappreciated Tarot-based Day Break Illusion. Cure Prism’s abilities are a perfect example of it: despite Battamonda’s unwillingness to acknowledge it, her compassionate nature puts him on the road to redemption, and she is the illuminating light that drives back the darkness to rescue Dark Sky and Empress Undergu. We can see that she is stronger than even she knows since she can keep this resilience in the face of her sincere fears of falling behind. She breaks down in the last moments of episode fifty as she thinks like everyone is abandoning her, including Sora and her parents, but she then gets up the following morning ready to shine. She will continue to go on, recording her travels and experiences in her picture books, just as Sora does with her notebook. Because Sora helped to teach her how, she can be her own hero. The return of Sora, Tsubasa, and Ellee from Skyland doesn’t undermine that since it occurs after Mashiro has come to the realization that she can really handle it alone; rather, it serves as a comfort that she doesn’t have to. Because they lost each other before they could learn to stand on their own, Empress Undergu and Cure Noble/Princess Elleelaine failed. Mashiro is able to defend herself because she is aware that the others are there for her no matter what, even if she doesn’t always see them.

If there is no one to rescue, what good is it to be a hero? That may be Captain Shalala and Cure Sky coming to the rescue, saving the day and encouraging others to step up to the plate. Mashiro discovering that she won’t constantly be abandoned or Empress Undergu accepting responsibility for her past transgressions and evolving into the silent hero her people need might both be possible explanations. Tsubasa could be telling Ageha that he loved working with her and that he wanted to be a cool grownup like her. I suppose we could also interpret this scenario as him confessing to having a crush on her; he might not have liked being called “boy” since it accentuated their age gap. At the conclusion of this season, every Cure becomes a hero, saving themselves, their worlds, and each other. Even if the show is over, the lesson it imparted to us is timeless: if you have faith in yourself, you can always be a hero.

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