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Sword Artwork On-line the Film -Modern- Scherzo of Deep Evening

Super Sentai Online The second film in the Sword Art Online: Progressive series, The Movie – Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night, begins a little over one month after the events of Aria of a Starless Night. Kirito, Asuna, and the other elite players have reached the fourth floor boss during the time skip. On the other hand, the dungeon isn’t the only thing that’s becoming an increasingly big obstacle in their way.

By casting himself as the villain in the previous film, Kirito brought the top players together. Although this had an immediate impact, the player population has been more fragmented due to the increasing dominance of two frontline guilds, Aincrad Liberation Squad and Dragon Knights Brigade. Constant bickering ensues between the two guilds due to their fundamentally divergent ideas and leadership styles. Even with the assistance of single players or lesser guilds, neither guild has enough high-level members to raid safely on their own, therefore they are compelled to cooperate.

The protagonists’ efforts to stay afloat are central to the storyline, which takes a turn for the worst when they consider the consequences of a decisive victory for either guild. Meanwhile, PKers have emerged, and they want to kill everyone because they see this terrible position as a justification to act on their deepest, darkest impulses. The obvious goal of these PKers is to have the Dragon Knights Brigade and the Aincrad Liberation Squad betray one other in a hopeless massacre, which would render any further advancement in the dungeon futile.

In Deep Night’s Scherzo, we see the early issues confronting the growing civilization via the guild power struggle and PKers. In it, the many groups that show up throughout the novel are explained and the status quo that we see in the main plot is laid out. Solid world-building is what it is.

The narrative’s more intimate side is on the other side. Scherzo of Deep Night, similar to Aria of a Starless Night, mostly tells the tale of Asuna. Her tumultuous connection with Mito, her “one true friend” in the real world, is also prominently featured, along with Kirito’s blossoming bond. Argo, Asuna’s first female companion in the game world, also receives a significant amount of screentime. Despite Argo’s little role in the main series, the film effectively portrays his significance to our heroic duo during their early adventures. In addition, Asuna’s transformation from a broken loner to the fierce warrior we know and love is further shown via their friendship.

While the film’s central problem and Asuna’s character development are both strong, Scherzo of Deep Night has several flaws. Things become less interesting and more predictable since it recycles a lot of character beats from Aria of a Starless Night, particularly with Kirito and Mito. If you know every major disclosure before it comes, the impact of the action scenes—no matter how good they look—is diminished.

The trailer for this flick is impressive, to say the least. Everything from the animation to the backdrop designs is lively and full of life. In particular, the second boss fight, which makes excellent use of 3DCG in both the fight and the monster design, stands out as one of the film’s best moments. The music, which features remixes of popular Sword Art Online tracks, adds to the experience by creating a sense of familiarity while also adding some freshness.

In sum, Sword Art Online: The Movie – Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night isn’t terrible, but it also isn’t outstanding. It’s just ordinary. Fans of Sword Art Online will surely love reliving their favorite characters’ “lost adventures,” but that’s about it. Neither innovative nor revolutionary in nature can be found here. Those who care about the characters should give it a chance, while those who aren’t should probably pass.

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