The Other World's Books Depend on the Bean Counter GN

The Different International’s Books Rely at the Bean Counter GN 3

The idea that everyone matures at times is lovely, but alas this is not always the case. When this book begins, three knights have just battered the otherworldly accountant into unconsciousness and have pretty much left him for dead because Kondou’s budgeting left them without anything they wanted. They appear to believe that they will achieve financial success if he passes away or somehow disappears, using the logic of irate middle schoolers. Even if we don’t think that will happen, the bigger problem is that they have very naively pursued a man who has the prime minister’s blessing and, perhaps more harmfully, the heart of their boss, Captain Aresh Indolark.

In some ways, the third installment of the BL isekai series is driven by Aresh’s growing feelings of adoration. Aresh continues to intervene more frequently, use his influence as a hammer to defend the other man, and act envious almost as soon as he notices Kondou with someone else, as we first saw in volume two when he was falling for Kondou without giving it much thought. Kondou, who is normally simply trying to do his job, might have a problem with any of these things, but the bigger problem is that Aresh isn’t really conscious of why he’s doing what he’s doing. He appears to believe that by ensuring Kondou’s survival, he is merely serving the interests of the kingdom, but it is obvious that there is much more going on than he is either aware of or willing to admit to himself.

This mostly manifests itself in his behavior when the two men are by themselves. Aresh has admitted to having some ambivalence about their connection, and he once accused Kondou of treating him like a sex worker in a previous book. Nevertheless, he mainly is unable to leave the other man alone in this book. He tries to get Kondou to sit closer than is actually necessary for casting spells, pretends to fall asleep with Kondou in his arms to stop an argument, and generally acts in a way that anybody seeing would describe as “lovesick.” At one point, Kondou expresses an interest in participating more actively in their sexual activities, showing that he no longer views them solely as a means for Aresh to give Kondou protection from the magicules. Kondou appears to be slightly more aware of the emotional aspect of their relationship. (Aresh is content yet perplexed. He would never suffer a fight injury again if he could employ his density as a shield.)

That does not imply that Kondou always supports Aresh’s decisions. While he is starting to enjoy their connection, he also wants to accomplish his job very badly, and when his partner gets in the way of that, he becomes irritated, if not outraged. The ball prior to the purification expedition and the excursion itself are where this mostly comes to a head. Kondou looks to his buddy and coworker Nor for assistance because he has no actual concept of how to dress or behave at a royal event. Aresh almost abdicates his position as Yua’s bodyguard to stand with Kondou and fuss with his hair when he sees Kondou dressed up when he first arrives. Later, when the crown prince complains about Kondou’s existence and the financial maneuvering that has accelerated the expedition’s schedule, Aresh makes it apparent that he will have no trouble assassinating the prince in order to protect Kondou. Although it could be interpreted as endearing and protective, and in many stories, it would be presented that way, Kondou thinks that his response is excessive and childish. While he doesn’t want to pass away, he also wants to be treated like an adult with free will.

If Aresh understood his emotions, a lot of things might be resolved. If Kondou really understood where all of this was coming from, he may react differently, though he would probably still be irritated. He continues to feel angry that he was sent to this otherworld as retribution for his good deed, and this emotion influences the way he behaves. He wants Yua to understand how hazardous this world is in particular. She has received lavish treatment throughout her time as the summoned maiden, isolating her from reality to the extent where she is unaware of the true dangers to Kondou’s survival. The crown prince is against this, but to be fair, he opposes everything about Kondou, including his existence. He wants her to learn that this isn’t a game and that choices have repercussions. Yua seems to be listening to Kondou, but given how much trouble he is making, it might not be enough. The Books of the Other World Rely on the Bean The comparison with Counter’s third album, which continues to touch several well-known isekai notes, 

Particularly with the purification journey narrative, The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent endures. Although it mostly lacks the power fantasy components, it is nevertheless a darker, more realistic interpretation of the genre. If you liked the first two installments, you’ll probably appreciate this one as well. If you missed the beginning, this is still a good time to start the series.

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