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Unnamed Reminiscence – Episode 02 Assessment

「繰り返し触れられる過去」 (Kurikaeshi Furerareru Kako)
“The Past Recalled Again”

Usually, it takes me a few episodes to decide whether or not I truly enjoy a program, but Unnamed Memory has surprised me with how well it has opened. So far, this one has nailed every aspect of the characters, plot, and animation, and if it continues in this direction, I venture to predict that it will be one of the biggest shocks of the spring. That obviously relies on it doing so, but hey, optimistic thinking!

The main thing that pleased me this week was probably how swiftly Tinasha transitioned from hiding her roots as a witch to completely disclosing them. Usually, this goes like this: there’s a lot of suspense as the character tries to conceal, various circumstances test that capacity, one character ultimately discovers the truth, and then there’s the big revelation. But in this case? Careless use of magic (with some significant foreshadowing on the consequences of excessive use), a little demonstration of physical prowess, and Tinasha’s refusal to even attempt to deny that she is the wicked adversary of the week wizard right immediately. When you combine it with Tinasha’s very stable, self-assured, and witty demeanor, I really like where things are going. The hag girl’s abilities will be the main focus of this tale, not the drama that surrounds them. Heh, well, mainly anyhow.

Regarding that, we also received a clear picture of what it would entail for Tinasha and Oscar. For instance, the teased figure Valt already suggests that Tinasha is looking for someone, and the episode’s whole trapped monster from a long-ago conflict implies that Tinasha’s past will ultimately play a significant role in events to come. Oscar also makes a suggestion concerning the source of his curse—or distorted blessing—when he says that the reason he is the youngest king is because all of his relatives vanished mysteriously. Even while I still think that given the prior information, the truth about Oscar’s particular ailment may be inferred, it will be fascinating to watch whether my theories are realized, especially in light of the fact that Tinasha will need to be taken into account and the potential effects of her participation. And hey, it’s a bonus if this engagement also results in marriage—those ashamed looks will always make people laugh.

I guess I’m starting to look forward to Tuesdays—someone pinch me.


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