Why a Toyota Ambulance is Gran Turismo 7’s Hottest New

Why a Toyota Ambulance is Gran Turismo 7’s Freshest New Automotive

Even though the Toyota Himedic has only recently become available (and in a very limited way), it has become one of the most popular vehicles for players to customize in GT7’s history.

The Toyota Himedic Ambulance was technically introduced in version 1.36 earlier this month, although it is not currently playable in the game normally. You must have viewed this weekend’s Gran Turismo World Series Showdown Nations Cup through GT7 itself before Sunday, August 13, in order to get it for your garage.

If you didn’t win, you still have one more chance to win the ambulance by viewing the stream until 23:59 UTC on Sunday, August 20. It just takes a minute or two, but it was a compelling race if you decide to watch longer. On Monday, August 21, it will then show up in your Garage/Gifts area.

The inclusion of the ambulance has undoubtedly caused controversy; responses have ranged from the vehemently critical to the jubilant. With drag cars, a tank-engined hot rod, a laser-powered idea, a real moon buggy, and the first automobile ever produced in the series’ history, it is without a doubt one of the strangest vehicles to ever emerge.

Even though it currently lacks an engine change, it tunes up well with a 600PP potential and is actually quite pleasant to drive (particularly in VR). However, with over 15 pages of liveries already generated, it appears that the ambulance’s most common usage is as a blank canvas for liveries.

Naturally, some emergency vehicles from around the world, a Gran Turismo classic, and a real movie star are among the designs we’ve chosen for the ambulance: Do not be alarmed; He is here.

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