All Season Launch of Fantasy Anime League

All-Season Release of Delusion Anime League

MyAnimeList-Fantasy-Anime-League-Main-Banner All-Season Launch of Fantasy Anime League

What You Need to Know:

  • MyAnimeList (MAL) has announced the launch of an all-season format of the Fantasy Anime League, a novel entertainment experience for anime fans worldwide. This innovative game, which has been held biannually since 2008, has been gaining attention as the anime version of fantasy sports, where players predict the popularity of anime series during a specific season.
  • With the introduction of the all-season format, anime fans will now be able to enjoy this game throughout the year. Entries for the summer anime season will open on June 12.
  • About Fantasy Anime League

    The Fantasy Anime League (FAL) is an original simulation game hosted by MyAnimeList. It incorporates elements from popular fantasy sports leagues with a unique twist – instead of athletes, players select and compete with anime titles. FAL’s gameplay relies on the ratings provided by anime fans registered on MyAnimeList. Participants must leverage their insights, predictive abilities, and analytical skills to assemble a team of eight anime titles to earn the highest number of points over a 13-week season. This distinctive gameplay experience is only possible on MyAnimeList, a platform with 18 million monthly active users from more than 240 countries worldwide.

    The game was first organized by the MyAnimeList community in 2007 and initially took place on the forums. In 2021, it underwent systematization and has since evolved into an event that can be enjoyed by the wider user base. Points are calculated on a weekly basis, utilizing user activity data from MyAnimeList such as viewership numbers, the number of forum discussions, ratings, and the number of favorites. Throughout the game, lively discussions about FAL take place within MyAnimeList clubs and on Discord.

    Event page:

    Currently, we are accepting entries for the summer season.

    About MyAnimeList (MAL)

    MyAnimeList is one of the world’s largest anime and manga communities, with comprehensive databases maintained by its passionate user base. The website allows members to track their viewing progress, rate and discuss titles, write reviews, and discover new works through various community-driven features. With over 18 million monthly active users from more than 240 different countries, MyAnimeList is an essential resource for the international anime and manga fan.

    *Figures as of April 2021.

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