Anime Expo 2023 Recap | Los Angeles Anime Convention

Anime Expo 2023 Recap | Los Angeles Anime Conference

This year’s Anime Expo went above and beyond to give visitors unique and captivating experiences. Fans had the option of sitting down and reading manga digitally on their new online service or enjoying print reads with lots of free sample chapters at the Kodansha booth, which provided a special opportunity to explore the digital world. It was a refuge for fans of manga looking to read free copies of old works or discover new ones.

The One Piece TCG stand was the place to be for fans looking for more interactive entertainment. Participants had the option of engaging in exciting 1 versus. 1 card game battles or trying out the novel “buddy” team playstyle, where tactical conflicts took place in a 2 vs. 2 format. As One Piece fans played the games and received numerous free promo cards and packs from this card game, the booth was humming with enthusiasm.

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