Dantoudai kara Hajimaru, Hime no Tensei Gyakuten Story – 01

Dantoudai kara Hajimaru, Hime no Tensei Gyakuten Tale – 01 – Random Interest

OP Sequence

OP: 「ハッピーエンドプリンセス」 (Happi Endo Purinsasu) by Sumire Uesaka

「断頭台から始まるお姫様」 (Dantoudai kara Hajimaru Ohime-sama)
“The Princess Starting from the Chopping Block”

While spiled brats of dubious royal quality are already well-represented among this season and anime as a whole these days, never doubt the ability of the medium to turn out new takes on the latest hotness. There’s always room to shake things up, and as Tearmoon Teikoku Monogatari shows, sometimes it doesn’t take much to stan out from the crowd.

As known from a glance via the RC preview, Tearmoon is basically what happens if you take otome villainess isekai and instead convert it into fantasy resurrection. Lead Mia Luna Tearmoon (Uesaka Sumire) is full royal kusogaki, emulating the best of France’s Ancien Regime, trying her hardest to upstage Marie Antoinette, and winding up getting the guillotine for her valiant efforts. And never once realizing why she’s getting the experience thanks to pure ignorance. It’s honestly a run of the mill setup, except for the fact Mia’s execution winds up throwing her back a few years into her prime brat phase with the knowledge of what fate has in store for her. Oh yes, pretty clear what the intention of this story will be going forward: this princess will be saving her kingdom if only to literally save her own head.

Given the relative convention of Tearmoon’s story the strength of the series will come from its characters and Mia too once again gives a good idea of what to expect. Although ostensibly rude and obnoxious, Mia’s awakening per say does reveal a sense of awareness which hints towards noticeable growth over time. Her normal outbursts over disliked food quickly get shelved thanks to memories. Her lashing out at servants brought under control knowing the lengths some of them will go for her as time progresses. It’s easy to think of scenes like this as cheap or shallow (particularly given this is an opener), but it does show that Tearmoon understands the limits of comedy and how it must be supported with proper story and character development. Remains to be seen just how well it sticks with that progression over time (Anne (Kusunoki Tomori) especially will be one to watch given her important supporting role), but so far all the pieces are present to yield something very fun (and funny) in the not-too-distant future.

Considering what Tearmoon already has on tap, I’m certainly interested seeing just where this one goes.


ED Sequence

ED: 「Queen of the Night」by KanoeRana

End Card

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