Data Leak Reveals GT Sport Sold 12.7 Million Copies, Generating

Knowledge Leak Finds GT Game Offered 12.7 Million Copies, Producing $355M in Income

Gran Turismo Sport, Gran Turismo 7, and Driveclub sales data has been leaked as part of a massive data breach at Insomniac Games, a first-party PlayStation Studio. Assuming the data is correct, it offers an unprecedented and fascinating look at the business side of the industry.

GT Sport

The leak indicates that GT Sport sold 12.726 million copies globally by March 2019, a year and a half after its October 2017 debut. The “sell-through” number represents customer copies sold. Sell-in, or copies sold to retailers, is 12.977 million.

Regional sales data indicate Gran Turismo’s popularity in Europe. GT Sport sold 65% in the EU, 24% in the US, and 11% in Japan. The game had 31% digital sales, which may be surprising.

According to data, GT Sport sold $355 million USD worldwide. Unlike sales, 63% of revenue came from Europe, 24% from the US, and 13% from Japan. According to the data, the corporation made $27.35 every copy sold.

The data includes PlayStation’s entire first-party games catalog around that date, therefore GT Sport was the sixth-best-selling PS4 title behind Spider-Man, God of War, Horizon, Uncharted 4, and The Last of Us.

GT Sport excels compared to other Gran Turismo games. Sport is the second-best-selling GT game of all time, behind Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec’s 14.8 million copies and ahead of Gran Turismo 5’s 11.9 million copies, if the statistic is correct as announced by Polyphony Digital in 2017. Last December, Gran Turismo celebrated its 25th anniversary with almost 90 million sales.

Gran Turismo 7

Data from the leak looks to be valid through the end of February 2022, or about a week before the March 4 debut of Gran Turismo 7. According to the data, 37% of the 580,000 pre-orders GT7 had received up to that point were digital. There is yet no additional particular information about GT7 found in the leak.



The fact that Driveclub, a well-liked and frequently cited driving game that was published on the PS4 in October 2014, was included in the leaked data is another intriguing side point in all of this. It brought in an astounding $124 million USD in sales with an astounding 4.7 million copies sold, more than 72% of which were in Europe, followed by 18% in the US and 11% in Japan.

Driveclub’s data is shocking and heartbreaking for its fans because Sony terminated Evolution Studios, the game’s developer, in 2016 and shut down the game’s servers in 2020.

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