Dior Creates a New Gran Turismo Collection, and You Can't

Dior Creates a New Gran Turismo Assortment, and You Can not Purchase It

Image via Thomas England/@JustTheAtom

Even if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford them, the fashion label Dior’s new line of unique clothing items isn’t available for public purchase, as part of its ongoing partnership with Gran Turismo.

Kim Jones, Dior’s artistic director of men’s fashion, put together the three-piece ensemble, which takes cues from the virtual collection that will be added to Gran Turismo 7 in August 2022. It includes a baseball cap, racing boots, and gloves for when you’re not on the virtual track.

Similar to the imaginary collection for 2022, the boots are based on the $1,250 Diorizon ankle boot, but with certain tweaks to the design that make it more suitable for racing wear. This comprises a darker version of the Dior Oblique pattern jacquard on the upper, redesigned and less centrally lacing, and a velcro ankle strap with the Dior wordmark.

The sports glove experts Dal Dosso, who also makes the Puma gloves that were previously worn at live Gran Turismo World Series events, worked with the developers to create the gloves. These, too, include a velcro strap adorned with coordinating Dior embellishments and the “47” emblem, which honors Christian Dior’s 1947 first collection.

The baseball cap is the last item on the list. It features the Gran Turismo logo on the sides and a unique rendition of the Dior Oblique design on the front. It has the same gray Dior Oblique jacquard internal lining as the $600 Christian Dior Couture cap, which seems to be its model.

If any of that catches your attention, regrettably, neither the stores nor Dior’s own web inventory will carry them. This is due to the fact that they were made especially for the Gran Turismo World Series finals and sent to the roughly 60 finalists who attended (with the hope that the two who had to withdraw were also sent!).

Given the pieces’ high value, it wouldn’t be shocking to see one or two of them appear on auction websites in the near future. The objects also came in a unique display box bearing the Dior name.

All of this suggests that the 2023 Gran Turismo World Series finale could prove to be very pricey for Gran Turismo memorabilia collectors, especially when combined with the $4,600 Bulgari Aluminium x Gran Turismo Special Edition wristwatch from other LVMH group brand Bulgari!

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