Dr. Stone: Ryusui

Dr. Stone: Ryusui

In the end, Dr. Stone: Ryusui serves as a conclusion to the second season and establishes the foundation for the third. Without Tsukasa, Senku’s tribe has assimilated his people. But it doesn’t mean they are familiar with Senku’s objectives or way of thinking. This hour-long program spends a lot of time updating them and making sure they feel welcome in the newly united tribe.

With the help of stage effects like confetti explosions and stage lighting, the play will tell the audience about the scientist tribe’s mythology, including why they adhere to Senku and their ultimate objective. On the other hand, they are given the opportunity to vote in the ship construction competition just like everyone else, demonstrating that their opinions are equally valued. They deploy a group made up of ex-tribes when they send an exploring team to look for oil. The former Tsukasa tribe members look to have an equal chance of winning when the time comes for the first human flight of this age, just like everyone else. (“Seemingly” being the keyword as it’s being rigged by Gen to make sure the best people for the task are the ones flying the balloon). Despite the ongoing fighting, this fosters a sense of community among all the arrivals. Newcomers are accepted into the tribe on an equal basis.

This is significant because it enables Senku to guide the tribe in the direction he desires. Instead of asking them to vote on what to do, he asks them to vote on who should do it or how to accomplish it. Although it is primarily a deliberate illusion, building a seagoing vessel is everyone’s next major undertaking, thus it makes them feel engaged.

Aside from that, the episode primarily serves as Ryusui, the special’s title character,’s introduction. It demonstrates how he modifies Senku’s developing society. Given the lack of technology in the world, Ryusui is conscious of his value. He neither agrees with nor disagrees with Senku’s views. Instead, he wants to use it to his advantage. Because Senku is their leader or because they support his objectives, people have been lending a hand. Ryusui makes the choice to include capitalism in the mix.

Senku’s objectives have had the side effect of enabling his people to develop leisure goods like attractive clothing. They now have another way to get these things without bartering thanks to the invention of money. What’s intriguing is that Ryusui’s newly created currency is based on the oil standard—oil that hasn’t yet been discovered. The people who believe in Senku will ultimately locate it, thus the money is currently rather stable. Senku, of course, is more than glad to take advantage of this fact by forcing the people who have the most invested in the new currency to work for no pay since their money is just paper if he doesn’t find the oil.

Ryusui is an intriguing character in his own right and not just a fresh opponent for Senku. He is more than just a skilled navigator with strong business acumen. He is an adventurous man who seeks out remarkable experiences, whether they include flying through the air or sailing around the world. When faced with something new or novel, he makes terrible financial decisions because money is just the tool to enable him to live his life as he pleases. Senku and Gen may now take advantage of this and use it to their advantage as they prepare to travel to a different part of the world.

Similar to those of a TV series, its animation and art are both fairly acceptable. The storm they experienced during their hot air balloon journey is shown in a dramatic way by the cloud dragon, in particular. As usual, the chibi illustrations in the science courses are excellent. A revised version of the first season’s theme song with a full orchestra and less rock instruments serves as the special’s theme song. Watching this program merely for the opening scene is sufficient.

Dr. Stone: Ryusui is a strong continuation of the Dr. Stone plot that should allow us to jump into some newfound adventure at the start of the third season, even though it isn’t the most thrilling or climactic the series has ever been. In the wake of the war’s conclusion in season 2, it introduces a new character and wraps up any loose ends. The best part is that it keeps on churning forth science to show how far humanity has come.

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