Fanart Friday, Too: Genshin Impact Version 4.0

Fanart Friday, Too: Genshin Affect Model 4.0

Sakon04 makes these incredible pieces in the “summary” style for Genshin Impact. I’ll let the illustrator reclaim it by the comments on the Pixiv illustration.:

Fontaine was such a ride!! I like the court story and the element during refutation is so interactive, there’s a lot of clue and they make it so cool!! So I decided to make it part of this illustration. There’s a lot of drama going on ngl during the act Lyney?? Navia?? OMG Childe?? Which act you find the most memorable?

Sakon044.0 ✦ Fontaine 」 ☆

illustration by Sakon04 (reprinted w/permission):

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