Fanatec Reveals Direct Drive ClubSport DD and DD+ Wheel Bases:

Fanatec Unearths Direct Pressure ClubSport DD and DD+ Wheel Bases: To be had to Pre-Order Now

The ClubSport DD and DD+ Wheel Base was unveiled by Fanatec on the first night of the ADAC Sim Racing Expo in its home country of Germany.

The CSL DD and GT DD Pro were introduced in 2021, and the ClubSport DD is the most recent in Fanatec’s new line of direct drive wheelbases. But the larger units increase the torque to 12Nm, and the improved DD+ has even more at 15Nm.

The ClubSport DD, which is longer and wider than the CSL DD, employs comparable technologies. To lessen cogging torque, a jerkiness brought on by the magnetic components’ inadvertent attraction to one another, the primary shaft now has a split rotor design with offset portions.

The aluminum shaft itself, according to Fanatec, is “the strongest we’ve ever made,” and it naturally ends in the brand-new QR2 quick release connection. That implies a QR2-equipped wheel is required to attach to the base, while QR1-equipped wheels can also be used.

Software-wise, the ClubSport DD has a brand-new force feedback system called “FullForce” from Fanatec that is created exclusively for its direct drive wheels. A “new level of immersive effects” will be delivered, it claims, thanks to the quick response times that direct drive can provide.

The ClubSport DD boasts a class-leading slew rate, or the pace at which the wheel can shift from zero to maximum torque, according to its own tests, enabling extremely quick changes in wheel torque.

The regular ClubSport DD may be used with PC hardware right out of the box and, with the addition of an Xbox-compatible wheel, it can also be used with Xbox gaming systems, such as the new Forza Motorsport. Only the DD+ is PlayStation compatible, and when an Xbox-compatible wheel is added, it becomes completely cross-platform.

Players can pre-order the ClubSport DD starting on October 13; the wheel base will go on sale for $/€699.95 on November 7. The DD+ will soon be available for pre-order and will cost $/€999.95. Visitors to the Sim Racing Expo in Dortmund can test out both devices.

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