Fanatec Reveals New QR2 Quick Release System, Available to Order

Fanatec Unearths New QR2 Fast Free up Machine, To be had to Order Now

The long-awaited QR2, a second-generation rapid release mechanism from Fanatec, has been unveiled and is now available for purchase.

With a completely new locking system designed to increase the stability and security of the wheel connection in both a physical and an electronic sense, the QR2 mechanism replaces the original QR1.

The QR2 uses a straightforward tapered coupling on the wheel base and retractable, spring-loaded locking pins on the wheel rim in place of the QR1, which needed spring-loaded balls and, in certain versions, a locking nut. This makes it simpler to attach the wheel and increases its level of security once it is.

Depending on your existing hardware, you’ll need one of the three distinct versions of the QR2 Wheel Side or either of the two versions of the Base Side.

The Type C and Type M versions are referred to as such on the Base Side. Type M is CNC-machined aluminum and made for the Podium DD1/2 and F1 bases, whereas Type C is less expensive and intended for CSL DD bases (including Gran Turismo DD). They cost, respectively, $69.95 and $149.95.

With the three Wheel Side products, referred to as QR2 Lite, QR2, and QR2 Pro, there is a little more variation. The entry-level choice, the Lite, is constructed of a carbon-fiber-reinforced composite, as you might anticipate. The QR2 is made of die-cast aluminum, and the QR2 Pro is made of aluminum that has undergone CNC machining.

You must link a podium with a QR2 with one of the two metal Wheel Side connectors since the QR2 Lite isn’t compatible with the high-torque modes of the Podium wheelbases. The base QR2 costs $/€99.95, the gold-colored Pro costs $/€199.95, and the Lite model is $/€59.95.

One of four discounted bundles, the QR2 Pro/Type M bundle, costs $/€299.95, saving you $/€49.95, while the entry-level Lite/Type C bundle costs $/€19.95 less at $/€109.95.

All of Fanatec’s QR1-equipped products are currently being converted to the QR2, which the company estimates will take 1-2 years. However, gamers who already have bases and wheels with QR1 can upgrade their setup by purchasing QR2.

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