First Impression: Classroom of the Elite (Season 3)

First Influence: Lecture room of the Elite (Season 3)

The most ruthless high school students in the world are back, and they’re spending a week at a camp in the mountains. Everyone is supposed to be divided into groups with students from different classes, and they will have to collaborate with those classmates for the duration of the week. Two members of a group will be expelled from school at the end of the week if they don’t pass a series of tests. Notably, there is a developing dispute between the presidents of the student body from the past and present, and our mysterious, sociopathic genius protagonist Ayanokoji gets caught up in it all. This season, who will end up duped, misled, beaten, humiliated, and/or banished? Listen in to learn more!

The ideal way to watch this anime, in my opinion, would be to wait until it’s finished—regardless of how long that may take—then sit down and watch every episode in order. Since, in my opinion, that’s pretty much the only way you could stay on top of everything. There are a ton of characters, a ton of different connection dynamics, and very little recall of them all throughout time. With the occasional flashback to previous seasons, I was able to identify a good number of individuals and even recall some basic information about a few of them, but there were still some interactions in this episode that left me perplexed as to the background of some characters. Having said that, this is the ridiculous, realistic, intense high school psychological thriller that you have grown to adore. This season will probably be equally as fun if you liked the others. I’ll be paying attention.

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