First Impression: Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable!

First Impact: Hokkaido Gals Are Tremendous Lovely!

Tsubasa is a high school boy from Tokyo who has moved to Hokkaido, the cold northern part of Japan. The moment he steps out of his taxi, he is immediately confronted with the ice-cold weather. Surprisingly though, the first person he meets there is wearing a short skirt with bare legs. He is almost completely mesmerized by her, so he feels very uncomfortable when she starts talking to him. After a short but sweet conversation, she leaves on the bus he was supposed to take as well, which is not very smart. Once he arrives at school, he is shocked to learn that the girl he met, Fuyuki Minami, sits right next to him in class. He is quick to call the whole situation cliché, which is very meta of him. The day after, he visits her home, which is when the story takes its chance to include several ecchi moments, as expected from the genre. The episode ends with them heading somewhere to get some food.

The first episode spends a lot of time observing the ways in which life in Hokkaido is very different from life in Tokyo. I found this to be pretty interesting, especially because not a lot of anime seem to be set in Hokkaido. As far as the story and dialogue go, there isn’t anything special. Just what you can expect from harem-ish school anime. I found myself laughing pretty often because of how cliché the situations are. I don’t necessarily mean that the episode was so bad that it was funny, I just find it amusing how blatant the wish-fulfillment aspect is in anime like this. The ecchi elements weren’t too bad in this episode, although I definitely found it distasteful (to be fair, I say that about all ecchi). I personally liked the art, and the animation and voice acting were all good as well. Whether or not this series is enjoyable to you depends on how much tolerance you have for how cliché the plot is, and how generic the main character is. I might check out the second episode, but I’m not expecting quality from this one.

Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable! is streaming on Crunchyroll.


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