First Impression: My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an

First Affect: My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer

retired explorer Bel used to be a renowned warrior before becoming a teacher, gardener, manager, and caretaker. He lost the lower half of one of his legs due to an incident. He was despondent as a result of the illness, but it also gave him access to his greatest blessing. Bel discovers a young child sobbing in the woods with hay placed around her basket as protection from ghosts. Bell adopts her, raises her, and imparts her adventurous skills since she has a kind heart. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the little girl, Ange (Angelina), decides to embark on her own journey and leaves home at the age of 12. The fact that Ange develops into an S-Rank adventurer and that her guild frequently uses her team to defeat the most vicious creatures is shocking. Because of Ange’s incredible strength and drive to do good, as well as the incredible teamwork in her group, she hardly ever gets to take long vacations. In the past five years, she hasn’t seen her adored father. But she will eventually return home, one day.

It appears from the opening scene, which has shrieking and a flashback in subdued colors, that this series will feature typical fantasy fare. Then, with that gorgeous flute, the soundtrack plays a tune that perfectly like the one from the Fellowship of the Ring moment as Gandalf is making his way toward the Shire for Bilbo’s birthday. From that point on, episode one demonstrates that this series is equally focused on the heart and the sword, with Bel exhibiting his loving character to both the people and his daughter, and Ange frequently being prevented from seeing the father she cherishes. What a sweet, sweet episode, with a narration that will almost make you cry. Oh, was that just me? Ahem. However, despite the animation’s recognized lackluster quality (especially the action scenes), the stunning environment more than makes up for it. The series’ pastoral setting’s artwork is exceptional, and the character designs are intriguing as well. Together, they give a feeling of realism and distinctiveness that fits with a fantasy world with a medieval feel. The fact that pixies and spirits are mentioned right away and that a tree-like creature later attacks the settlement informs us that this world’s magic is influenced by that of the British Isles, and I’m on board with that. In fact, if the series continues to be as endearing as episode one while developing a compelling plot, I’ll be on board for the entire run. Give me more of that flute theme, at the very least!

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