7th loop 01

First Glance: seventh Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Existence Married to Her Worst Enemy!

7th loop 01

Light Novel Adaptation by Studio Kai, Hornets


Rishe, who been exiled from her aristocratic family, lives her life to the fullest until her terrible death in The War. However, she returns the instant she is banished and does not truly die. After six of these loops, she is prepared to calm down and take it easy for a change.

7th loop 02

Jel’s verdict: Deja Vu

If there are two things I’m sick of seeing, they’re time loops and the anime subgenre of villains. It doesn’t help that this episode combines the two of them. I think they could have put Rishe in a similar scenario with some simple political maneuvering or something, but the time loop element just makes things too complicated. Though I suppose the time loops gave her the opportunity to gain more life experience and talents, when has an anime ever needed to have a naive lead who was ready for anything?

Regarding the villainess part, the term has become meaningless in anime villainess shows. Rishe is unfairly being punished for unfounded accusations even though she has done nothing wrong. She is merely a villainess in that they have imitated the storyline of other villainess programs, as that is all this season’s anime seems to be capable of. The impression of repeatedly watching the same show could be caused by the real-time loop.7th loop 03

To be honest, the first episode’s somber tone took me aback a little. In actuality, there’s a darker, more intriguing version of this program. Since Rishe’s future husband has already been shown in other timelines to be a villain, what would happen if she were to marry him and encourage his conquest? At last, she will be able to break free from this cycle and destroy the family that has been abusing her. After that, this would be her genesis tale and she would be a legitimate villain. That might be advantageous.

As we have established, Rishe wants to relax in her seventh existence, thus there is absolutely no way in hell that will happen. I mean, the title of the light novel tells us everything, so we already know what occurs. Thus, I completely anticipate that this will become just another program following in the footsteps of My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!, which was, at best, a 7/10. I’m not watching this show; I could hardly finish the last one.

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