First Look: Migi & Dali

First Glance: Migi & Dali


Mr. and Mrs. Sonoyama are searching for a child to adopt, and they find the seemingly ideal son, Hitori, to be angelic. Hitori is actually two boys, the twins Migi and Dali, who are purposefully manipulating the Sonoyamas for an undisclosed reason. This is his dark secret.

Zigg’s verdict: Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

This is such an odd show. However, I *think* that’s a compliment. It’s difficult to determine what Migi & Dali wants to become from this first episode, and while that’s fascinating and largely enjoyable, there are hints of a program that appears split between two distinct directions.

First of all, it’s important to note that this is based on a manga written by the late Nami Sano, who made the mildly humorous Haven’t You Heard? Call me Sakamoto. A turn toward dark domestic terror was not entirely expected, given the most of that novel was a series of humorous missteps centered around the concept of an impossible-to-be-perfect high school student. The parallel is evident, though, as you take the concept of an incredibly flawless person and use it for dramatic effect rather than comedy this time.

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