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First Glance: My New Boss Is Goofy

goofy boss 01-1


Kentarou Momose, a 26-year-old office worker, was repeatedly bullied by his former supervisor, and the stress caused him to develop stomach ulcers. He believes that the same issue would arise again because he recently changed employment, but is pleasantly delighted to find that Yuusei Shirosaki, his new boss, is a very compassionate guy. Shirosaki is extremely skilled at his work and frequently expressionless, yet he is also naturally clumsy and airheaded.

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Artemis’ verdict: Zom 100 With the Good Ending

The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons was supposed to be the most calming/wholesome show of this season, but My New Boss Is Goofy is probably going to win that award, at least for me. You could almost call it a workplace show, but the focus is more on the interactions between the two main characters than the work itself, so let’s just call it an adult slice-of-life with lots of light humor and a veiled suggestion that “this could be BL if you really want it to be.” The simplicity with which viewers may interpret My New Boss Is Goofy in that way if they so desired definitely doesn’t hurt the series for shoujo lovers, even if I don’t believe it will go in that direction and the show isn’t very suggestive to begin with.

Generally speaking, this isn’t the kind of comedy that makes you laugh out loud a lot, but I enjoyed the premiere enough to return for more. It’s more of a warm-fuzzy show than anything else, especially when combined with the straightforward but genuinely charming art direction. My New Boss Is Goofy seems to be aiming for a general feeling of homeliness and comfort. There’s virtually no way to go wrong with this one if you enjoy anime with all-adult casts, ridiculously loose humor, and wonderful people in every single character. Ambitious? Nope. lovely as can be? Absolutely.

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Jel’s verdict: Hot Guys Doing Cute Things

Even though anime often deals in science fiction and fantasy, I think the biggest stretch of all would be to find a job with such wonderful supervisors. Not sure how much the two main guys are truly cooperating rather than spending the entire episode out on dates. Nevertheless, this is a lighthearted, upbeat event with some amusingly silly jokes and positive energy all around. Although I’m not sure whether there’s enough here to keep me interested, I do like what they’re aiming for.

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