First Look: Tales of Wedding Rings

First Glance: Stories of Wedding ceremony Rings


Alternative title: Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari
Manga Adaptation by Staple Entertainment
Streaming on Crunchyroll


The blandest teenager in Japan chases his crush to another world and somehow becomes king. They have a monster problem or something, but it’s just an excuse for the bland protagonist to meet the harem of girls who spend the entire ending sequence in their lingerie.

Euri’s verdict: 20 minutes I wish I’d spent in any other world

Maybe it’s a personal taste thing, maybe it’s me just being an old man on the internet, but I just don’t understand why people would willingly watch this show. The protagonist is one of the dullest characters I’ve seen in a long time; his dialogue is so important for shifting the story along that he’s regularly interrupted, being reduced to yelling ‘huh?’ and people’s names for the majority of it. It’s so bad that I can’t even see him working as a self-insert character. Wanting to watch more episodes helmed by his bland ass is simply baffling to me.

Of course, it’s less the character himself and more his circumstances that might draw people into this show in particular, and Tales of Wedding Rings makes it very clear what it’s offering from the get-go. For jumping into the glowing isekai portal, the protagonist gets to kiss his childhood crush, become engaged to her, become king of a nation he hasn’t met yet, and acquire the ability to make weapons glow. He strikes down a demon, one which looks like it was bought from the anime equivalent of the Unity asset store, and gets on with the story because the monster stuff isn’t actually important.


What is important to this show, is anime tiddy. The opening sequence shows protag in bed with five women, including his childhood friend who appears to be the ‘main’ romantic interest of the five, as far as I can tell. The ending sequence is a drawing of the five women in sexy lingerie, while a camera pans around it to make it look like there’s more animation beyond sometimes having them open or close their eyes. The show also has an uncensored version, which I mention to give you a better idea of what’s in store here.

Look, I’m no expert in the isekai genre to begin with, but there must be better shows than this one, and anything with a half-interesting story is going to be more deserving of your time than watching Tales of Wedding Rings.


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