First Look: The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses

First Glance: The Woman I Like Forgot Her Glasses

Alternative title(s): Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta
Manga Adaptation by GOHANDS
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Komura has a crush on his classmate Mie, who typically wears glasses, and he must deal with the humorous proximity of her physical presence and overall incapacity to operate without eyesight when she continually forgets to put on her spectacles before arriving at school.

Iro’s verdict: Fat Load of Nothing

With the exception of about two minutes of GOHANDS’ notably wacky animation in a few locations, this is one of those shows that has one gimmick (as seen in the title) and utilizes it as a blunt instrument to have two gorgeous anime people hang around and flirt with each other. Around episode three to five, it will presumably introduce a few more people who are somehow even less interesting than the primary couple and begin to turn into a lackluster ensemble comedy, as most of these series do. No thanks.

Zigg’s verdict: Not Bad Enough

Like many casual viewers, I believe the main lure of this program was to see if GOHANDS could deliver an absolute disasterpiece of visual styling equal to their magnum work Hand Shakers. Unfortunately, I’m here to tell you that, with the exception of the highly zany entrance at school, which has already gone viral, this program is generally just poor in the usual, dull ways of bad writing, bad characters, and bad pacing. Imagine Takagi-san without the humor and charisma, and you’ll be close. It is feasible to write characters who are timid, reticent teenage guys without making them physically incapable of the most basic human connections. The largest issue here, though, is one that I can relate to from my own life: as someone who is nearly as shortsighted as Mie, I put my glasses on in the morning and never take them off until I go to bed. Furthermore, if you don’t have them on, it’s impossible not to notice. I mean, this program stinks as well, but I’m addressing the genuine concerns here.

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