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First Glance: The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Once more As of late

masterful cat 01

Alternative title(s): Dekiru Neko wa Kyou mo Yuuutsu
Manga adaptation by GoHands
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Fukuzawa is a hard working young woman who spends most of her day at the office, then comes home to her pet cat. This particular cat just happens to be the size of a human, and masterfully handles all the household chores.

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Jel’s verdict: Way of the House Husband Cat

This episode, the second of two GoHands productions this season, features all the peculiar camera angles, odd color schemes, and dubious CGI you would anticipate from the famed studio. And yet, it kind of fits with a show that is this peculiar to begin with. The GoHands house style was noticeably less obtrusive than in my previous tries to watch their shows. Okay, so maybe “works” is a bit harsh.

Leaving that aside, the first episode fulfills every promise made. Fukuzawa’s frantic work schedule and Yukichi’s calm hours of cooking and cleaning, who only talks in the episode preview, provide a wonderful contrast. It has a melancholy quality, especially when we catch glimpses of Yukichi momentarily giving way to his cat instincts. It appears that Yukichi would like to be outside hunting birds or doing something similar, but he is too committed to helping the woman who took him in.

I believe this may be an intriguing, distinctive experience that’s worth watching if the show continues to explore that viewpoint. The show will probably just be an unending loop of Yukichi’s incredible housekeeping abilities, because, sure, he is a huge cat, and that is crazy. But I’m probably reading way too much into this. Although I’m not sure if that would be enough to sustain a whole season, I’m prepared to give it one or two more.

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