Forza Horizon 5 Series 25 Preview: EventLab 2.0, BMW, Rivian,

Forza Horizon 5 Collection 25 Preview: EventLab 2.0, BMW, Rivian, and the Corvette E-Ray

Players who use the EventLab environment customization tool in Forza Horizon 5 should find the upcoming update and series interesting, according to Playground Games’ traditional “Let’s Go” live preview.

Players can expect a lot of big modifications to the tool when it launches on Tuesday, September 12 — so many that PG is referring to it as “EventLab 2.0” — as well as a completely new setting dubbed “EventLab Island” that offers more creative flexibility.

The new fast-snap nodes on many items are just the beginning of EventLab’s extensive list of new utilities. This makes it possible to easily assemble numerous props to create lengthy or large environments without any gaps.

Players will be able to choose many objects at once in the new Selection Mode, alter them collectively using any of the movement or sizing tools, duplicate, or remove a collection of props.

Both contribute to the new “Prefabs” functionality. Players can save collections of props to create a single “mega prop” that they can copy all at once, share with others, and return to later without having to start over. You can browse other players’ prefabs using a prefab browser, and if someone downloads one of yours, you’ll get in-game credits for it.

New location EventLab Island is a 2 km by 2 km (approximately 1.25 mi by 1.25 mi) flat concrete block that is submerged in the ocean. Since there are no existing items, players have more room to maneuver (without bumping into trees) and a larger prop budget.

As a result, you are not limited by the block and can expand out across the ocean without encountering any problems with Horizon Mexico’s topography. Many people choose to build a surface that is slightly elevated to produce a consistent slope.

You no longer need to test run your settings to see how they look thanks to new time-of-day and weather selections. You may now alter the checkpoint markers’ appearance by choosing from a variety of styles and colors.

Naturally, there are also some new props available, and an intriguing bonus feature lets you use a photo of your finished EventLab design as the flyer’s cover rather than the standard automobile images.

Players who browse EventLabs will benefit from that as well, as the 15-event cap has been removed. You can now browse events over many pages of results.

Naturally, there is a change in the quality of life as a whole and is not unique to Series 25, but fortunately, there are eight new automobiles to learn, even if one of them comes with a large catch.

A really hefty BMW has entered the fray this month, making it a fairly BMW-heavy month overall. That is the fairly intimidating-appearing BMW iX electric SUV in xDrive50 version; we wonder if it will include the funny “IconicSounds” feature by Hans Zimmer in the cabin view.

The i4 eDrive40, another electric BMW, sits next to it and is also a 20-point season reward vehicle.

Alongside the iconic 850i Coupe, more conventional, gas-powered performance BMWs like the new M3 Competition and M2 are also offered.


With two of its electric vehicles, Rivian will also debut in the Forza series. In the Autumn and Spring seasons, you can obtain the R1S SUV and R1T truck by triumphing in unique Playlist challenges (more correctly, the EventLab challenges).

Near the end of the Series, participants will receive one final automobile for free, but there are a lot of hoops to go through. This is the hoop and that is the 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray, which you may recognize as the cover vehicle for the next Forza Motorsport video game.

You must play Forza Motorsport to be qualified to acquire the E-Ray, and the car will be sent free to your FH5 garage starting on October 10. If you purchased the Forza Motorsport Premium Edition (or Premium Add-Ons upgrade), which includes early access, you can also get it before it releases on October 5.

On Tuesday, September 12, at 1600 UTC, Series 25 will receive an upgrade, and on Thursday, September 14, at 1430 UTC, a new Series playlist will be available. Additionally, PG has hinted at the upcoming “Dia de Muertos” season, which is expected to provide a vehicle that the public has been clamoring for…

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