Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.37 is Now Available, Bringing Minor

Gran Turismo 7 Replace 1.37 is Now To be had, Bringing Minor Tweaks

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The latest update for Gran Turismo 7 is now available, following a short server maintenance period earlier this morning and bringing some minor changes under the hood.

It’s a bit of a case of “blink and you’ll miss it”, as the update is so small you might not even notice it downloading if you’ve got a lot of bandwidth. The PS5 version of the update file is just over 340MB, so it’s very compact compared to recent updates and will take longer to install than to download.

Accordingly the patch notes for the update are pretty brief, and consist of one single item: “improved general game stability.”

That’s not a lot to go on in terms of what it means for players, but we expect it involves a number of tweaks to the game code in order to reduce instances of the game hanging or stuttering — and that’s just as likely to apply to certain menu actions as it is anything on-track.

There may be other changes not specifically flagged in the patch notes, and doubtless GTPlanet’s community will spot these and record them in our Undocumented Changes thread in due course.

Of course the timing of this update, on the final Thursday of the month, might lead some to expect game content, but we’d not seen any of the usual processes for that.

Ordinarily you can expect a teaser Tweet (or “X”, as it now seems to be termed) from Polyphony Digital’s founder, and now movie star, Kazunori Yamauchi the weekend before an update featuring a disguised shot of any vehicles coming, followed by a post on the PlayStation Blog around eight hours before the update that reveals more.

As for when the next content update will land, we’re anticipating that to be some time around Thursday September 28 — roughly corresponding to the expected date on which players will be able to buy the already added Toyota GR Corolla and Himedic Ambulance in Brand Central.

Keep an eye on GTPlanet for all the latest information on Gran Turismo 7 and its updates!

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