Gran Turismo 7's Next Update is Coming September 28, Adds

Gran Turismo 7’s Subsequent Replace is Coming September 28, Provides 3 New Vehicles

The first vehicle is one that was only recently utilized in a unique Mazda event in Japan. It is a car that is based on a Super Taikyu race car from the company, the Mazda 3 Bio Concept, however it appears that it will be referred to in the game simply as “Gr.4” As part of Mazda’s Gr.4 lineup, which is roughly modeled on the real-world GT4 category, it will join the Atenza.

At the top of the picture, we can see a car we’ve known about for a lot longer: Phil Robles’ Honda Civic. It’s safe to say that this hot Civic has been a long time coming because it won the Gran Turismo Award at SEMA in 2017 and we’ve seen the GT crew scanning the car in 2019.

The current Honda Civic Type R will be the third new-to-series vehicle and third front-wheel drive performance car to join them. This “FL5” variant, which currently holds the FWD Nordschleife record, will be the fourth of the six Civic Type R models to appear in GT7.

With this update, there will also be two more new automobiles accessible in Brand Central. That’s because the Toyota GR Corolla ’22 and Toyota Himedic Ambulance will be made available for purchase, giving people who were unable to pick up the vehicles in August the first chance to do so.

The tweet’s silhouette, as usual, just previews the update’s automotive content. There is currently no information available regarding any new tracks, which are long overdue (the most recent was back in February), features, races, or special events.

That information will probably become available closer to the update, as PD often posts a video describing the update’s contents the day before it goes live and provides more information in the patch notes when it does.

As usual, keep an eye on this site for the latest!

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