Gran Turismo Sport Removed From PlayStation Store

Gran Turismo Game Got rid of From PlayStation Retailer

Sony has removed Gran Turismo Sport from PlayStation Store sites worldwide as the staged shutdown of the title continues towards its late-January deadline.

It’s the latest phase in the “end of life” period for the title, which was recently revealed as the second best-selling title in Gran Turismo history at close to 13 million units sold-through.

Having been announced in September 2023, the shutdown began with the game’s paid DLC — vehicle add-ons, the Scapes pack, and the Lewis Hamilton expansion — being removed from the PlayStation Store on December 1. This will still function where already purchased, and you can download them if you own them, but no new items are available.

Being delisted from the store, although not announced anywhere by Sony, PlayStation, or Polyphony Digital, appears to be the next step. Something very similar happened with Gran Turismo 6, which was delisted in late-February 2018 ahead of its March 28 2018 shutdown.

Again, players who own Gran Turismo Sport digitally can still download the title — such as to a new device — but it no longer appears listed as a title you can buy and directly visiting the game’s PS Store page gives no options to purchase it.

The final stage of the shutdown will come at 0600 UTC on Wednesday January 31 when the servers are switched off for good. However, despite being a game that required an online connection to play pretty much any of it, that won’t be the end of the road for Sport.

According to Polyphony Digital, your cars, car settings, world circuits, and gameplay progression will all remain accessible — presumably with game saves transitioning from server to local. It’s not clear if this will require a game update or not, so watch this space.

Anything else requiring an online connection, obviously including all multiplayer modes but somewhat less obviously also covering vehicle and avatar liveries, will become unavailable. Cars will also revert to standard liveries, and the PSN trophies requiring online access will also become unattainable as with Gran Turismo 5.

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