Helck – 11 – Random Curiosity

Helck – 11 – Random Interest

「吟遊詩人の唄」 (Ginyuushijin no Uta)
“The Troubadour’s Song”

Eleven episodes in and you know what that means: season finale time upcoming. Or new season starting time. Or, just hold on, new season preview time. Yeah, I dare say my tardiness with weekly Helck posting has been affected by that just a tad. Nevertheless the challenges and rigours of concocting a 59 show preview (!) cannot hold me back for long from Helck because, as promised, we’re starting to get into the real meat and potatoes of this series. One way or another things are about to get interesting.

Right out the gate the big thing about this week naturally comes from the titular MC himself and that continually impressive power level. Helck after all has teased ridiculous strength in the past, but this episode in the fight with the monster of the week was the first to showcase the always fun shounen-esque serious fight mode and some more besides. Alongside Vamirio’s recollection of one witch’s warning over Helck being a ticking time bomb. The latter bit of course is the key here, for besides monster of the week tying to back to other monsters of the week, the guy also happened to identify Helck harbouring/carrying a particular power he shouldn’t apparently have. Easy to guess from this that said power relates back to humanity’s new hero status and whatever is fueling the enemies our adventuring trio are facing, plus it tying into what got Helck effectively exiled, but beyond that things still remain aggravatingly hidden. Just what is this power and what will it cause Helck to do? Still in a holding pattern on that one.

The plus side, however, is that said knowledge and the increasingly speedy return of the party to demon central invite strong potential of getting some tangible information as Helck starts prepping to head into its second half. There’s still that whole human invasion to deal with after all, Helck’s full backstory to flesh out, and one fluffball who definitely hasn’t had enough time to live his deadpan comedic relief dreams.

Whatever is in store here, I for one remain eager to find out.



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