Helck – 12 – Random Curiosity

Helck – 12 – Random Interest

「信じる心」 (Shinjiru Kokoro)
“The Spirit of Faith”

Can you say interesting? Because I dare say things are starting to look a little interesting. As promised, only took Helck a few weeks (and a lot of teasing), but we’re at the point where the answers are set to come in hot and the final half of this story ready for its grand reveal. And to think, just in time for fall too!

Much as could be expected from earlier episodes, ascended humanity isn’t really after total demon conquest as a goal, but rather as a means to an end. It’s a fitting reveal given where we are in the season, for not only does it both confirm the obvious, but also teases even greater shakeups to come given the implications. What exactly is humanity chasing? Why? And are the demons simply the grindstone for sharpening the figurative blade to wield in that scenario? Quite a few interesting tidbits to chew on, particularly given it’s highly likely demonkind is not long for reliable information on the matter – and you just know the discovery of that aspect will hit at the worst possible moment.

That of course leads back to the titular man himself and the ruthless tease for finally getting the full backstory. While it would be easy harping on about the cliffhanger ending here – and a cliffhanger so determined it went the distance by featuring a five minute comedic outro – I must admit I liked the buildup to it. This was basically the moment Vamirio admitted she now trusts Helck after all, revealing both her fears about him while simultaneously stating their lack of bearing on her future actions. You can tell how much Helck appreciates her candidness too, as Vamirio’s emotional reaction to the sword we now know Helck carries to keep himself at bay was the tacit confirmation he needed to know he in turn can trust the little fireball. Mind you it’s still unknown why Helck is like this or what he’s exactly after, but this scene was the groundwork necessary to segway into that particular explanation and I fully anticipate the reason to answer more than a few questions regarding humanity and mysterious dark powers both.

Just a matter of ensuring Piwi keeps quiet long enough before the end of next episode hits.



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