Hitsujibungaku's New Song "More Than Words" Confirmed as Closing Theme

Hitsujibungaku’s New Music “Extra Than Phrases” Showed as Last Theme of the “Shibuya Incident” Phase of the TV Anime Sequence Jujutsu Kaisen!

Hitsujibungaku-more-than-words-digital-jacket-scaled Hitsujibungaku’s New Song “More Than Words” Confirmed as Closing Theme of the “Shibuya Incident” Segment of the TV Anime Series Jujutsu Kaisen!

What You Need to Know:

  • Hitsujibungaku’s new song “more than words” has been confirmed as the closing theme of the “Shibuya Incident” segment of the TV anime series “Jujutsu Kaisen”, which started airing Thursday, August 31.
  • The “Shibuya Incident” segment of the TV anime series “Jujutsu Kaisen” is a story of a massive battle of an unprecedented level between the Jujutsu Sorcerers, the Curse Users, and the Cursed Spirits, set in the Shibuya Station area bustling on Halloween.
  • The airing starts on Thursday, August 31, from 23:56 JST on 28 MBS/TBS network stations nationwide.
  • The release of the full-length version of the new song “More Than Words” will coincide with the airing of the first episode of “Shibuya Incident”, followed by the release of the CD package on Wednesday, September 27.
  • The CD single will feature a remix by No Buses’ frontman Cwondo and an anime version to name a few.
  • Furthermore, the teaser of the music video of “more than words” has also been revealed today
  • Comment from Moeka Shiotsuka / Hitsujibungaku

    Upon taking on the closing theme, I read the comic version of “Jujutsu Kaisen” over and over again.

    The making of this song was tough one, but I was encouraged and given strength many times by the attitudes of characters such as Itadori. I think the song turned out to be something that empowers you to make one last step forward when you’re on the brink of loss. I am thankful for a challenging opportunity like this.

  • This year has seen Hitsujibungaku’s latest album “our hope” winning the “Blue” prize at the 15th CD Shop Awards, and releasing new songs constantly, namely “Eien no Blue” and “FOOL”.
  • In July they performed at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ’23 and marked an audience draw extraordinary for a band appearing on the Green Stage in the daytime. They also performed their first headlining shows overseas in Taipei and Shanghai. Both shows sold out immediately after the ticket release. They also performed at outdoor music festivals in Hong Kong, Incheon, and Wenzhou; they enjoy a great deal of attention from abroad, mainly from Asia.
  • This month, the band will embark on a 10-city, 12-show nationwide headlining tour entitled “Hitsujibungaku Tour 2023: if i were an angel,”.
  • Hitsujibungaku-more-than-words-digital-jacket-scaled Hitsujibungaku’s New Song “More Than Words” Confirmed as Closing Theme of the “Shibuya Incident” Segment of the TV Anime Series Jujutsu Kaisen!

    ■ Hitsujibungaku Official website/Social media accounts
    Official Site:hitsujibungaku.info
    Official YouTube Channel:youtube.com/channel/UCm0qsuAG6RN2FYKZ_r1nPyg

    About “Shibuya Incident”

    Who’s getting the last laugh, the human, or – the curse?

    “Satoru Gojo, challenges the seal at an appropriate time and appropriate place, after the advantage is established on this side. The D-Day is October 31, in Shibuya.”

    October 2018. Amid rising tensions inside the Jujutsu Academy since the Special Grade Cursed Spirits attacked a get-together event, the traitor is finally revealed. Who is the traitor, and what for!?

    October 31, 2018. A “screen” is suddenly cast in the Shibuya Station area, bustling on Halloween, blocking many ordinary people inside.

    Given the villains’ advanced barrier-making technique of “a screen that only traps civilians”, and the singling out of “Satoru Gojo to be brought there”, an order told by way of the civilians, the executives decide to have Gojo suppress the scene in Shibuya on his own, to keep the damages to a minimum.

    Geto, Mahito, and other Curse Users and Cursed Spirits lying in ambush with a trap; Gojo walking into the scene on his own; Itadori, Fushiguro, Kugisaki, Nanami, and many other Jujutsu Sorcerers gathering outside the “screen”…

    An unprecedented, all-out cursing battle of Jujutsu Sorcerers versus Curse Users and Curse Spirits, all gathering in Shibuya, will finally begin!

Source: Official Press Release

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